Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Long Run

Yesterday I completed the first long run on the training schedule of 6 miles. Yay for me!! I took it really slow and it took me way longer than I expected (82:45) but I really like the way I approached it. Until I get more used to the long runs I think my best bet is to take them slow. Plus I am still on the treadmill and I think I can have a somewhat faster pace and still feel comfortable with it doing an outdoor run. My feet were really tired and a little sore and I really thought I would be feeling it today, but I don't feel a thing. So I guess I will go ahead and finish the schedule for this week and do an easy run today, for me that is going to be on the treadmill with no incline so its like running downhill!! I totally need to start working on the diet end of training which will be the hardest part for me! Maybe then I can start losing those pounds you should be able to lose when you run, it really does burn a LOT of calories!! Yesterday mine calorie count from the treadmill was 815 and another 200 from the wii. WOW that's 1000 calories. Good thing since I went out with my friends last night to Eddie Montgomery's Steakhouse, the atmosphere was GREAT and a FUN time, the food was okay and expensive but the wait to be seated was TERRIBLE!! Granted we had a party of 8 which always takes longer, but we was told it would be an hour wait and ended up being a 2 1/2 hour wait to be seated!! Wish I would of had something to eat before I went cause I could have enjoyed myself a whole lot more if I did. I was sooo hungry and couldn't drink with no food on my stomach, took a couple of sips and felt drunk already, then I got a pounding headache from hungar!! Other than that it was a really great time and will go back, just waiting for the new to wear off a little though!

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