Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Great Run tonight

After my long terrible run last Saturday, I skipped the easy 3mile run Sunday. SHAME, SHAME on me!! However I did go Monday and do 4miles outside and it was a beatiful day I had a pretty decent time of 43:17. Ran most of the way with maybe a total of 1/2 mile worth of walk breaks. But tonight was a treadmill run as it was so foggy and misting outside that you couldn't even see in front of yourself!! I felt really good the whole entire run, not tired, out of breath or achy, but most important I RAN the whole 4miles without stopping. It took me 52:00 which came out to a pace of 12:00 NICE if I can keep that up for 13 miles!!! Also did a little weight training for my arms after. Have to say I feel really good tonight, TireD but really good!!

Before I head off to bed tonight just want to share with anyone reading, I have found this site through another friends blog and it is really cool. You should check it out, here is what I posted today on FB about it:

MONICAONTHEGO.COM is at it again!! Check out her site for the latest contest!! "Something Pretty Wednesday & Giveaway" on 1/20/2010
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Again check it out, she blogs about lots of stuff, everyday stuff that I usually think about as well. But best of all is the GIVEAWAYS!!!

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