Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Half Marathon Training Day 1

Yesterday was the offical Day 1 of half training!! I found a training schedule thru active.com which sent me to about.com for the schedule. (Here is the link to it ) Anyway it is a 12week schedule and my half is in exactly 12weeks, so I hopefully should be ready, if I follow the schedule that is!! Since I have been running at least 3 miles 3x a week, I decided to start at week 4 of the schedule. Hopefully I don't change my mind when it comes to long run day, however I am trying to keep the motto in my mind "NO PAIN NO GAIN!!"
Speaking of pain, I have to admit I was a little doubtful of the wii fitness actually working, but I have to say after 2 days of doing ea sports active I am a believer!! My legs and back muscles are so very sore, like I have never worked out before in my entire life! Holy Cow!!! Today is a non running day for the schedule but I do have to do another ea sports active workout, again no pain no gain!!

I still haven't quite figured out all this blogging stuff yet but it is all starting to come together! If anyone has any helpful hints PLEASE share them!!

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