Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Like a Runner!!

Yesterday I took the same long 7mile run that killed me last Saturday. I seriously thought about chosing a different path but thought about it again! I know the half course will more likely than NOT be very flat at all so I need to be practicing on "hard" courses. But I sure did a LOT better job than last week!! I tried to really stretch before and warm up with a 5 min brisk walk. (I tried to do my homework this week and study up on some stretches and moves and such) When I needed a walk break I timed them and tried to not let them get over 1 min. This week it took me 1:13:52 which was about 4mins less than last week and a pace of 10:33. I walked a total of 13:31 and started out with a goal of only walking 10mins so I was pretty close. The most important thing is I felt GOOD about the entire run. I was comfortable, not upset with myself even though I passed my walking goal and tried to push myself to keep running a little farther before taking that walk break. Still a little unsure if I could have kept that pace up for another 6.2miles but did feel more positive about it!! I also iced my shins, knees and ankles when I got home and felt better in the evening as well, probably should have iced each area a little bit longer but I did feel better overall! I still haven't convinced myself to go ahead and sign up for the half marathon but I am setting a time limit of Sunday, January 31, 2010 to DO IT ALREADY!!

One last thing before I go. Last blog I mentioned and her giveaways, well here was todays entry:

"And the Winner is....Funktional Spa giveaway" it was ME!!!

Hooray for me!! But she is at it again, make sure and check it out!!

And how could I not forget to mention, today is my daughters 16th Birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAYLAN!!!!!

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