Monday, February 15, 2010

5k & The Wall

So for the last 2 weeks I have been in a "funk" about running. Just not really wanting to get out there and do it, why?? Still don't know the answer to that one. Saturday I competed in a 5k in Lexington. It was freezing cold and lightly snowing!! (I LOVE SNOW!!) So I am thinking there probably won't be too many people there, boy was I wrong, I know there was at least 200 runners and more than likely more!! I was familiar with the course which was helpful, however they changed it around a bit to make it mostly uphill the entire first half with a couple of smaller hills at the end!! Was I EVER so thankful I did the hill work on the treadmill at one of my last workouts cause it totally helped, I had a nice steady pace felt great and had no urge to take a walk break!! But crazy me gave into temptation and took a total of 1minute and 4 seconds worth of walking after coming off the downhill and back uphill towards the end. If only I would have slowed my pace and saved more of a "kick" for the finish. Like I said though, I felt great crossing the finish line, not tired, like I needed to crash right away or anything!! Not sure what my official finish time is my watch said 29:59, my mom said the clock said 29:46 so I am waiting until it is posted to call it. My ultimate goal was to at least finish under 30 being my first race of 2010 and all and I guess I did accomplish that! My running partner is 67 years old but can out run me anyday and although he has been dealing with some injuries, I beat him maybe by a minute!!

Now on to the "wall". I have read about runners running whole marathons and hitting the "wall" being unable to finish and such. Well yesterday while I was running on the treadmill I was starting to think that I have hit that "wall" and I still have a LOT of training to complete if I even want to do decent in the Half. For the last 2 maybe even 3 weeks I have not done a long run of 9 miles yet!! Even though my weekend total is 7mi for this weekend I need 7mi+ on one day!! So I guess this weekend isn't a total bust but now this morning (and last night) I having shin pain. Really hoping it is just from the ongoing hill from the 5k and that it goes away soon. I hate having doubt in myself, it is sooo making it hard for me to move on, but I have already signed up for the half so that is a huge motivater. I am like a lot of people I do better in the race atmosphere, it forces me to run longer or push harder, so I am hoping when that day comes in 40 days that mentality pushes me through when I feel like I just can't do it!! Any suggestions out there about overcoming that "wall" is greatly appreciated!!

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bobbie said...

Here is the official results:
Bobbie Perkins 118 0:29'41.65

118 is overall place out of 287

Guess that's not so bad.