Saturday, February 20, 2010

9miles & leg pain

Complete 9 miles (FINALLY!!) Time 1:23:27 Pace 9:16!!!!! Are you kidding me, that is sooo AWESOME! I completed todays run at the park in Danville, I have run a few 5k's out there and new the route so I did three 5k loops. My time around the first loop was about 27:30 (my crazy watch doesn't time laps so that is from memory) which is really good for me there. I think the last 5k I ran out there was my best time of last year at 27:34, so I can't wait for another 5k there again this year, I hope to really ROCK it! For the last two weeks I have had some pain in my left leg from my knee down to my foot. I have continued to run 3 & 4 miles on the treadmill fighting thru it but I wasn't so sure about today until I got started. My first loop was great, second loop was okay and third loop was almost misery, but I was determinded to finish with the very best I could possibly do. Since I choose a different route than I normally do my long runs on, I feel really different on recovery. Truely I think if I didn't already have this issue with my leg that I may not be in much pain at all or tired feeling like I have on the past long runs. I really like the park though, I have put a lot of miles in at that place and it really isn't the easiest of routes either. There is several steep hills and gradual hills that keep going. Another plus today, I found a dollar floating right too me! How exciting, I got paid to run today!! I am not too experienced with everything about blogging so I am going to try to post the pics of me finding and picking up my dollar. (Gonna send a help message to my friend to find out how to do the pics!!)

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