Saturday, February 27, 2010

Another Bad week & HouseParty!!

Well mentally I felt like crap again this week, I am beginging to think it is the weather, I hope so anyway. I have ran 2 times this week at the gym on the treadmill. I did 4mi one day and it was a great 4 and I did a slow 5mi another day. Glad I did it but should have tried a little harder. I seem to do okay with my long runs though so I guess that is good. Today I should be doing 10mi but once again it is snowing. It is only a light snow so I might just go out and give it a try later.

I am also having a HouseParty today from My party is a Sandwich Revolution Sandwich Thins party, if you are not fimilar with the sandwich thins you should really check them out as I LOVE THEM!! Today I am going to try some new things for my guests(if the snow lets up) so I hope everything turns out ok. Guess I better finish cleaning house so I can try to have a decent house for my guests. If it keeps on snowing like it is though it may have to wait, wouldn't want anyone to risk themselves on my terrible road to come and have some sandwiches!!

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