Friday, April 23, 2010

5k in the Rain

YAY!!! It is finally raining here in Ky, we have been needing some rain I honestly do not think its has rained since I ran my 1st half back at the end of March. Now I am REALLY wanting to do this 5k tomorrow and it is suppose to be THUNDERSTORMING!! What luck. Right now I am pondering the decision, do I go ahead and go or should I just wait until the next weekend? (What would you do??) Considering the fact I DID run my half in pouring rain and freezing wind, I SHOULD be able to handle a "little" 5k right?!! And what is wrong with me, I still am finding it hard to complete a whole 3 miles without walking a bit.  Our local park that I train/pratice at has a couple of pretty good hills and so I am wondering if that fact is hindering my running the whole 3 miles without walking. I really struggle with the mental game in running and I really do not know why. I don't usually ever get stiches, I think I just mentally get tired and feel like I have to stop for a few seconds, then when I start running again my legs are tired and don't really want to start. UGGGHHHH!! I HATE THIS about my running. I so badly want to be a "GOOD" runner and guess that I am not a horrible runner but I really want to be better. I am hoping that will come in time, I still haven't passed the first year mark of being a runner yet.

To all those running halfs and full marathons this weekend GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!! May the running gods be with you!!


Tara said...

Good luck on your 5K; you are going to do great in spite of the rain! It's been raining here in Denver for the past two days, it never rains here!

misszippy said...

Go do it! You'll feel great when it's over and it may help motivate you more. Good luck!