Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hello Sunshine!

It has been gloomy, cool and windy here in Ky for the last few days and this morning (and suppose to all day) the SUN was SHINING!! Isn't it just amazing how GOOD mother nature can (or not) make you feel. Not much going on with me this week. This weekend is the Ky Derby, I have never been to the event but it is a big one for our lovely state. Unfortunally the forcast is for RAIN all weekend. Sorry derby goers!! Also my events lined up for the weekend is a first for me. Depending on how bad the weather is, I am planning on running TWO 5k's, one on Saturday and one on Sunday! I usually do not even run two days in a row, I keep an every other day pattern so I don't over do it. But the hubbs always has to work on Saturdays and he enjoys 5k's as well (he is much faster than me) and since there is one on a Sunday he wants to do it!! So why not join him right?? The Saturday run will be a new course for me and I have heard it is a little challenging, how GREAT that will be in the rain. But there is a local "SERRES" of races if you participate in all 14 of the races you get some prizes and Saturday is the first race. Needless to say I am doing it RAIN or SHINE!! Sundays race will just be to prove I CAN DO IT!!

Needing a little advice from the bloggy world- Towards the end of May I will be running my first ever 10k. Back at the end of March was my first half and I haven't ran any "long" distance since then. At the most I have put in 3mi. So I am wondering what kind of running schedule should I start to have a successful 10k??

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Happy Running y'all!!


me said...

It seems that you have a plan. Stick to it and you will be fine. Good Luck with your series.

Julie said...

Hi Bobbie,
You have a great attitude about getting out in rain or shine! You might just surprise yourself running in the rain....think of it as making your stronger:) Character building is what I call it!

If you already ran a half marathon a 10K is going to seem like a walk in the park. I would try to do at least one or two 5 to 6 milers a week to get your body adjusted to the longer distance. You will then be able to handle a 5K with no problem:) Good luck to you!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

oh have fun this weekend!!!

To get ready for your 10k, since you have about 3 or so weeks until the race, just try to get back up to a long run of at least 6 miles in a few weeks so you mentally feel strong and try to get a couple runs in during the week that are at least 3-4 miles... you'll be golden having done a half!