Friday, April 9, 2010

Insomina, New Shoes & Giveaways!!

A lot of nights I have the crazy insomina thing, I wake up in the middle of the night and am wide awake for a couple of hours, I have been up now since 3:30am and it is now 5:44am!! That would usually SUCK for getting up for work but not today, took a couple of vacation days to be home with kiddos on Spring Break so at least I will be able to take a nap later in the day!! I have also used this time to catch up on some reading of blogs (see list of giveaways below :)!!) and some dvr recordings! One of my ALL time favorite shows is BIggest Loser, that show is really what I give credit to my journey in running. I do NOT mean any harm in this statement but if those people can go from the shape they are in and end up running a marathon (at the end of the show) in about 6 months time, why can't I run!!?? That my friends is what made me make the decision to "try" to run last summer by doing 5k's. I signed up for every local 5k that I could and the half marathon this spring, WOW how far I have came.

I still haven't resumed a running schedule since the half a couple of weeks ago :(!! For what ever reason my legs still hurt when I try to run again ( ran 1 mile one day and 2 miles another day and hurt the next day), they have the tired feeling while I am running. I am guessing that is something I am just going to have to run thru. I am doing a 5k next weekend and it is on one of my not so favorite courses due to being VERY hilly so we will see how that goes. I have also been on the search for some new shoes. Right now I have Asics Gel1140 and really like them but they are really close the the 300mile mark so it is time to start looking! I have considered trying some Brooks, they seem to resemble asics alot but I haven't tried any on yet. Any thoughts on GOOD running shoes? What's your favs?

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misszippy said...

I hate insomnia. I go through it every now and again. I've found it helps to not look at the clock, fwiw!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Nothing is worse than those nights were you just can't sleep, at least to me! I think yoga and trying to just breathe have helped me to cut down on those!

Hope you are feeling the running vibe again soon

Molly said...

Thanks for linking my giveaway! I ran in Asiics for years, but just made the switch to Nike Zoom, they support my ankles much better, plus I didn't realize I was running in too small shoes!!

Anonymous said...

I'm using Asics GT 2140s. Love them! Good luck on your 5k!!