Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Goals & Trainer??

Okay so I guess I am back in the running/workout scene after my 2 week break since the Half marathon. I decided to set some new goals for myself since that was the only way I was going to convince myself to GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING!! I am also trying to have a NO CRAP week. What exactly does that mean, for me I am not really sure but I am taking it day by day. One thing it does mean is no crap excuses for not running or going to the gym, no matter what is going on or how I feel I am running and going to the gym or doing some form of exercising EVERYDAY!! So far I am good on that, 2days down 5more to go.  I am also trying to cut crap food out, maybe not completly but cut WAYY back on what I have been spurling on during traing for the half (running more miles per week = more goodies your able to eat?? NOT) which is more likely than not the reason I haven't lost any weight AT ALL!! All that said I am in need from the Blog world: 1. Tips on exercises * I am looking for some easy but good ab exercises 2. Diet tips * I am not a lover of the good for you foods, there are few veggies I like but I LOVE just about any kind of fruit. Mostly I am interested in some Low fat desserts or snacks, easy to make of course I am all about convience!

On to my trainer, this is a good one! Last night my youngest daughter Baylee (Dang forgot to take a pic) wanted me to go out walking with her, good time to get in excerise + family time, of course I will go. So she decided she was going to ride her bike and I walked at a pretty fast pace. When we reached the turn around point, she said "Why don't you run to that black mailbox up ahead?" No problem I can do that! (I had no plans on running only walking since I ran 3mi the night before) When I reach the mailbox I kept going to the next point, to the next one then I told her why don't I just go till I think I need to stop which was good with her. The entire time I was running Baylee would look back with words of encouragment like "Go Mom" "Doing Great Mom" "Go Perkins You Can Do IT" Wow what great insperation and encouragment to keep on going. I probably only ran about 1.3 mi but hey that's 1.3 more than I planned on. She also asked when my next race was and if I needed a cheering section, OF course I DO, who doesn't and it just so happens I am racing  a 5k this weekend. So trainer no she's not but a great encouragment coach!! The only downfall, when we finished she said "You did such a great job mom, you should take us for ice cream" and what did we do, go have ice cream. Dang there went the no crap food but it is the first this week so that is an improvement!

I was pretty lucky this week with giveaways!! I won 2 of them, YAY for me!! Thanks to Stephanie @Randomthotschick for the book & sunglasses and Christina @LazyBonesRunning for the makeup bag! Great Giveaways girls!!

RunningDivaMom-Mommy Necklace 4/14
LoveVeggiesandYoga- $25 Custom Chocolate Spree 4/15
RunningDivaMom- Inperspire Towel 4/18
MCMMama- GU Giveaway 4/21
I'maSleeperBaker- Amazing Grass Energy Bars 4/25

I think I have learned how to "link" these giveaways and you should be able to click on them above, if you go check them out please be sure to say I sent ya there!!


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

thanks for the linkage and love that you are always posting new great give aways!

misszippy said...

Congrats on the giveaways! Lucky you. I have a quick abs/upper body routine I do 3x/week. You call them 11s--start with 10 push-ups/1 sit-up, then 9/2, 8/3, on down until the last set is 1 push-up/10 sit-ups. 55 of each. I really enjoy adding this into my other strength routines. I've worked up to 13s now!

Tara said...

Congrats on your giveaway wins! I never win anything on these giveaways! :)

bobbie said...

Keep on trying Tara!! You gotta play to win!! LOL!