Thursday, April 1, 2010

When to Run again?

Well I felt better than expected the day after my first Half. My upper legs hurt somewhat but my left foot HURT terribly! The only good thing was were really busy at work and it helped to take my mind off of it. Today (4days later) my foot is finally feeling better and now has me wondering is it still too early to get back out there? Of course long runs are over (for a little while any way) so I would probably do no more than 3miles. My thought is to go ahead and just do it and see if the foot hurts after and go from there. Any suggestions??


misszippy said...

I'd give a short run a go and see where it leaves you. If it's bad, then take some more time. If not, woohoo!

Kristin said...

Hmm, is it plantar fasciitis? I have the same issue! My advice after your race is ice for 20 minutes here and there and take some anti-inflammatory. Hopefully it heals up quick. Thanks for checking out my blog!