Sunday, May 9, 2010

My week in Review & Race Recap

Sorry for being absent from blog world this week, been a little busy doing whatever at work and the hubs and I share a computer at home(which he mostly gets to use). However that is about to change (and I am so hoping it will be tomorrow) as I have ordered me a laptop all to myself!! Maybe now I can get on a more regular blogging pattern/schedule.
   Exercise and running has been not enough for me this week, which sucks in my opinion. Wednesday I went out for my first run of the week, it was a 3 miler at our park(which I have said in the past is not the easiest of courses). I have really been focusing on slow and steady during everyday runs and am really amazed how great I feel! Wednesday run came in at about 26 mins which is really good for me. Now that it is getting daylight earlier I am going to start getting out in the mornings to help add up some mileage. I am really not a fan of splitting up distance runs but I am going to give it a try and see what happens. Any opinions on this? I would LOVE to hear them!!
   Something I found amusing this week, the hubs has a Harley and LOVES to ride it. He has started going to these Bike Night things where all the bikers get together , they have food (usually pork bbq and stuff like that, I DO NOT EAT PORK PRODUCTS!) and raffle off door prizes. Well this week he asked me to go along and decided why not? So I started looking thru my closet and had a huge dilemma, I had nothing to wear, the only clothes I kept looking thru was my running clothes! Of course I finally found the best thing possible and realized now I need to search out for the perfect Harley Davidson T!! While at the festivities, looking around at all the "bikers" I realized I(we) really didn't fit it and then the question hit me"Can we be Bikers and Fitness people at the same time?"

On to Saturdays race recap...The weather was perfect about 45 - 50 degrees although it was very windy which made it cool after the race and body temps started cooling down. But the sun was shining and it was beautiful. The 5k was a memorial for a mother that died a couple of years ago while getting choked at a restaurant eating steak, tragic I know! So there is usually a LOT of people at this. And there was 422 runner/walkers. I took this race with my slow and steady thinking and actually did decent. I was 8th out of 53 in my age division and 119 overall. Not too shabby in my opinion!

Another reason I have one of the Best Mom's Ever, She always goes along to take awesome pics like this of me !!

They also had a kids Mad Dash and I asked my best friends son to attend. He's 4 getting ready to be 5 and attended one last fall with me. He was so super excited and did great! When they said go he shot off like a rocket!! Great Job Baron, Aunt Bobbie Loves You!!
Guess that rocket on his shirt helped!


Genesis said...

haha, bikers and fitness sure it was quite an environment to be in.

good job on the race.

Julie said...

Nice work Bobbie! Way to take 8th for your age group! I love the pictures:) Is that a track that you are finishing on? I used to run track and now I am longing to run on one for some speed workouts:) said...

I don't eat pork either, lol! Great race : )

chris mcpeake said...

Great job. Please dont hold my pork eating ways against me.