Saturday, May 1, 2010

Pouring Rain 5k

Okay so when I ran the half that was the worst weather conditions I HAD ever until TODAY!! When I got up it was raining just kinda drizzly like and I thought not so bad. Then it started thundering. Still scary cloudy but not raining and still didn't matter because I WAS going, its the first race of the "Serres". Still no rain until it was time to line up! A couple of claps of thunder, a quick flash of lighting and announcements from the race director: Thanks to all sponsors, runners for showing up, weather not looking the greatest but we are going to do this, safety first come back if needed and look along the course for stuffed animals and hats, anyone that returns with one gets a prize.  Then it started raining so hard with HUGE rain drops and what's that I see....its a stuffed animal go get it!  Back up a little, while waiting I meet up with some fellow runners and we started the race together laughing, thinking what in the heck are we thinking and then we started seeing the stuffed animals. Each of us went a different direction to grab one, I had a frog, one had a mountain goat and another a bear. I used the frog to hold over my head until whats that I see ahead...its a hat forget the frog I am taking the hat nothing to carry and its covering my head! Now about the course, I had already heard that it wasn't the easiest and I am already dreading it on top of pouring down huge rain drops.  Let's just say they were right!! The first mile was pretty much downhill and I took off way too fast, (I don't have a watch that tells me each mile so this is from the race directors on the side) it was 8:08. Still feeling okay I made it to mile 2 at 18:03 and then the major uphills going back came in gravel with streams of water gushing down while wearing soaking wet clothes, pants that felt so heavy I thought they were going to fall off, and shoes with ponds inside them! Needless to say I had to start walking way more than I wanted to or should have. Maybe if I could have controlled my pace better at the beginning I could have dragged on.
Almost there!

My overall finish time was 31:14 and I was 1st place female 30 - 34!! Although I think I was the only one but hey its a win!!

At least we are all smiling!
Twila from over at Running 2010 in 2010 rocked it today!! YOU GO GIRL!! Once she took off, she took off! Had to be that dang mountain goat that helped her up them hills LOL!!

Here I am with all of my winnings! A Rose when you crossed the finish line, a talking pedometer for picking up the hat, the hat, a plaque and a Ky Derby Collector glass for 1st in age group. Not too bad for being in the pouring rain!

In my last post I mentioned doing two 5k's this weekend in the rain. And yes I am planning on doing it again in the morning. Am I crazy? Not sure. Love Running? I think so!


Steve said...

ConGrats on your WIN! Apparently your the Gene Kelly of 5K' running in the rain(instead of dancing). LOL!!! I enjoy reading your blog, it makes me feel that I'm on the sidelines cheering you on. Good Luck tomorrow. Let's see how much rain is in my shoes after walking the dog...maybe only a stream instead of a pond.

Barefoot AngieB said...

sounds like a blast!! Nice job winning :)
Best of luck tomorrow. I will think of you when I am out on my run in the morning and send happy running vibes your way!

Julie said...

Hi Bobbie,
Congrats on your awesome 5K race and 1st place age group win:) I used to start out way to darn fast for my 5K races too! I learned if you start out fast you have no energy to finish strong:) I have learned my lesson:) Nice work out there in the rain!

EricaH said...

Congratulations on all your winnings. Looks like you still rocked your run even with the rain :)