Saturday, May 29, 2010


Today was an off day from my race "Serres" so I decided to participate in another 5k because I really like the race director, and well let's face it I am addicted to 5k's and think I HAVE to do one every Saturday! I know this area is very hilly so I was hoping for  a small turnout. I arrived pretty early so I watched as every one arrived and started sizing up my competition(Hey I can't help it I like getting medals/awards). It wasn't too bad of a crowd (maybe around 75 or so) BUT they was mostly women and appeared to be SEVERAL in my age group:( That's okay just keep it slow & steady and kick it at the end, right? The weather wasn't too warm yet but I knew it was coming. Okay time to line up, kiss and hug my photographer (thanks Mom) and the announcer was saying no gun to start just the old fashion way. Looking at my watch we had about 2mins till start so I am going to tie my shoe and what, Ready Set tying very fast NOW and GO!! Are you serious......

That's me in the blue w/crazy look!!
So off we are and what do ya know there is a BIG hill right at the very beginning. But I did pretty good pacing myself. A young boy maybe 12- 14ish came running past me as hard and fast as he could, I so bad wanted to tell him to slow down but felt so much better just sailing past him as he only lasted about half way up that hill!! And wouldn't you know it about the entire race was in the beaming SUN!! But I am still pacing myself pretty good. I made it until about 2.15ish until I took a small walk break about 30 seconds. Between mile 2 till finish was the hilliest part ever, a constant up and down, so I took another walk break about 2.25. My legs once again got the tingly feeling and I wanted to hold some energy for a strong finish as I new there was a small hill at the finish with a pretty big incline. I started up again with a slow pace, up ahead I saw a large curve to the right and new that was the entrance back to the finish line, so I picked it up a bit. All the runners ahead of me crossed over to the right side of the road so I did too, until I thought"Wait a minute, we have to turn left into the park I need to stay on the left and cut the tangent(make a straight line thru the curve)!" That curve also had somewhat of a decline so I picked it up a bit more and that move helped me pass one of the two ladies I soo badly wanted to pass.

I was so glad I was able to pass the girl in the black BECAUSE

It made me finish 3rd in my age group!! YAY!! Official finish time was 29:50 I am happy with it considering the course!!
Me & The nicest race director I have EVER met!


run4may said...

Sounds just like a race I did recently. The called it the toughest 10k in the midwest. Great Job! It's all about pacing.

Julie said...

Congrats on your third place win! I love the bling:) Seriously, the medal is very nice:)

Tricia said...