Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer Runs

So its the time of year when its HOT!! And who likes to run in heat??? On my way home from work it started raining(the pop up shower type) and I was thankful cause it cooled down a bit but then the sun came back out and in my opinion it was HOT again!! The hubs & I went to the gym first and then on to the park to run our faithful 2 mi loop we always run. You would really think I would be used to that run since it has been almost a year for running it and about 5 years walking it, BUT I still take walk
breaks:( I am wanting to up my weekly mileage so I decided today HAD to be at least a 4mi day. No worries about speed just get the distance done. My first loop wasn't too bad although at the end I realized I went out way faster than I wanted to cause you guessed it I took about a 45 second walk break. I stopped to  get a drink of water from the fountain and begin the second loop. It was TERRIBLE!! I probably walked about a quarter of it, was extremely hot, feeling the chills running through my body and way out of control breathing. Wondering if just maybe I needed more water before or during the run. I really need to work on that cause I have not been a water drinker while running or even before only after. I have a feeling it is going to be a HOT HOT HOT summer this year and all of my runs except Saturday morning races will have to be after work/late evening.(I am such a better morning runner!) Guess its just like anything else you get better in time! Hopefully once my body adjusts to the heat more I can do better. And really my time wasn't all that bad considering I walked around 1/4 of the 4mi = 41:32(10:22 pace)

One awesome thing today, Running Chics posted MY BLOG on facebook today!!!


misszippy said...

It is hot here too, but I will admit--I really do love it! So, so much better than winter. And I feel like running in the summer makes me tougher! Sorry you aren't a fan!

Christine Jensen said...

Definitely make sure you are getting enough water. The chills sounds like a bit of dehydration. Try carrying water with you, or setting up some water along the way so you can drink more often. Great job, that time is excellent.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

being in miami here is the advice I have... one it takes about two weeks for you to start to adjust... two start all your runs a little slower and three dump water on your head whenever you need to cool down!

Tricia said...

water, water, water,

and I run in a running hat. Its made to keep you cool and block the sun

Tricia said...

oh, and super late on the comment, but in relation to your running skirt question: I use body glide so no thigh chaffing. And the athletic skirt style at has built in compression shorts instead of the bloomers. I have a coupon code: "endurance" where they refund you 15% back on your order.

have a great weekend!