Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Plan

After reading Laura's blog post (HERE), I thought to myself I need a plan or a schedule something to make me get out there and do more than I am. Although I do sorta have a plan of completing the local "Serres" of 5k races, I still think I am need of  a little something more.

The hubs and I ran an AWESOME 4mi last night!! I told him I would be really slow since I have a bum knee and all (I am always way slower than him without an excuse!) and usually he doesn't like going anymore than one 2mi loop at the park. If you run in & out to the entrance it adds an extra mile making 3mi and that's what he said we was doing. Okay by me but still I am taking my time!! Surprise enough I kept up way better than I ever thought even though I know he slowed waaaayyy down. When we reached the entry he pointed left and said " Come on let's go" me looking puzzled, crazed and confused just shrugged it off and started going. I had truly found my pace and felt TOTALLY comfortable, the weather was perfect about 75deg with no humidity. As I kept on going I was thinking just continue on to the first stoplight and back, its not that far. And that is what we did. We paused at the light for maybe 30 seconds looking at each other without saying a word I have a feeling we were thinking the same thing"Wow, I really can't believe we are doing this! This is great!" Then I turned and headed back for the park. My knee held up great, did not bother me enough to make me stop. After getting back home I looked up the distance of the route on mapmyrun.com and was shocked to discover that "little" extra distance there & back made that usual 2mi loop into a 4mi RUN!! That is right I RAN the entire distance!! I was so proud of myself, even the hubs said he notice I didn't take a walk break! And the finishing time by my watch was 39:14!! WOW!

SO do I really need a plan or maybe just keep winging it??
The reason he wanted to run the extra distance, we are both doing a 5k Friday night!! I love it when we BOTH get to go!!


LauraElaine said...

Nice job on the 4 miles! You should be proud of yourself! Now we need to come up with our plans....hopefully tonight I will sit down and do one!

misszippy said...

Great job! I think plans are smart--they keep you motivated, keep you from getting injured, and allow you to take it to the next level.

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

love that you are running with hubs. I think you have to decide what is your personality..will a plan make you feel obligated and encourage you to get out there... or cause frustration if you can't always meet it? I like to wing it and just see what happens, but i am committed to doing something daily