Sunday, June 27, 2010

RJ Corman 5k

Yesterday I ran the RJ Corman 5k which I consider a difficult course. It has LOTS of hills, is mostly in the sun and usually very HOT.  This race is not part of my serres so I tend to use these races as practice races and maybe not give it all I have and hope for the best! My original running partner has been absentee for most of this year but decided to join me yesterday, I was glad to see him back at it again. I know he really loves the races and had some trouble this year, hope all the troubles are over and he will be able to join me for the rest of the year!!
Except for my belly felt a little rough I felt really good and ready for this race. I haven't been running much in the last 2weeks (only twice in 2 weeks) so I knew my legs were plenty rested for this. I started out slow and steady, something I have been trying to work on alot, the first mile was a success. I forgot to start my watch at the beginning and it doesn't have a lap counter and I don't totally remember what the clock said at mile one but I believe it was around 9:05, pretty good! Mile 2 legs starting getting tired, I was HOT, walked through the water station, swished a little water since it was so hot, passed the time clock for mile 2 at about 18:45 still not bad! One good thing about this race is they have the digital time clocks set up at every mile not just someone there with a stop watch. After passing the second time clock and pushing on for about 1/2 of a mile, I decided to take a walk break. WHY? I am really not sure! Knowing the finish line was close I tried to pick up the pace and finish this thing already.  Once again there was a time clock at mile 3 that read about 29:15. I knew I needed to really pick it up if I wanted to finish under 30mins. So I pushed up the last hill again with everything I had to cross the finish line at 29:53! Hey it was under 30 right? I ended up getting 3rd in my age group- YAY!! And I beat my time from last year by 2mins!!
After race looking back, I wish I would not have let myself take the walk breaks that I did, I feel like I should have had more mental strength to push on. Physically I know I can do the distance I just struggle with the mental game even a year later. Just something I need to work on I guess! 

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run4may said...

Great job! Can't beat yourself up over the little walking break. "Running is 90% mental."

misszippy said...

Way to go! You did a great job--and it's tough out there with the heat right now!

Julie said...

Way to go! Nice job on your 5K age group placement!

Raegun said...

Congratulations - you must be so proud of your performance. Thanks for sharing your race report. I can't wait to try my first 5k in the Fall. Please stop by my blog if you have any tips!

Jamie said...

Congrats on the 3rd place AG award! Nice job on the race!

Darlene said...

Congrats on your race and your award. I always feel the same - I need to walk & I do then I kick myself for doing it.