Tuesday, June 1, 2010


ugggghhhhh........My back is killing me!! Why I do not know but I really wish it would go away!!

I also wanted to share a funny little story...Kids say the funniest things!!

On the last day of school, it was also my papaw's b-day. I asked my girls "Do you know what today is?" Oldest daughter(16) replied" It's Thursday"
 me "No"
 oldest again"It's the last day of school"
 me again "No"
 oldest "Ok then what is it?"
 me "It is Papaw's b-day!!"
oldest" Mom, how do you know every one's b-day?"
Youngest daughter (11 3/4) "Sis, that is part of her JOB DESCRIPTION of being a Mother!!"
Ha Ha Ha How cute!!

Stay tuned for a Giveaway announcement later!!


Lauren @ Team Giles said...

Aww they're so cute!!

Sorry your back hurts, I hate when that happens. Hope you feel better soon!

misszippy said...

Sorry about the back--hope it lets up asap.

Very cute on the kiddos' comments!