Thursday, July 8, 2010

Is it HOT out??

First of all, HELLO to all new followers!! So glad you came by please tell your other bloggy friends to come on over and check me out, I won't bite!!! LOL!!!

I bet you could never has been HOT HOT HOT!!! Holy cow, can someone please turn the temp down, I think the thermostat is stuck!!! Since the great vacation time is over running for me has to be in the evenings. And since I have the greatest running buddies EVER (trust me you would be jealous) they agreed that we can start running in the evenings and since we are a 3 party group we can even run in the dark in our town area. But wait did I say 3 party, oh excuse me the first night it ended up being a 6 party group! That was another "new" running experience for me and one that I liked. One of the main reasons I thought it was so great is in pairs we were all at different pace levels therefore no one was ever by themselves and there was a level for everyone that they felt comfortable at. With the exception of it being like 90 degrees even at 9pm it was truly an AWESOME 4mi run!! So we decided to do it again tonight. Hey guess was 88 degrees tonight sheewww what a cool down. I truly think tonight was worse than last night. Tonight's group was 4 my husband and me being 2 of them. Do you think it bothers him to run with 3 women just chattering away girl talking? I think he likes it and THAT is one of the MANY reasons I LOVE HIM!!! So back to our run tonight, all of us was very sluggish not when we got there but about 50feet into the run it just felt kinda ugghhh. We just dragged on as far as we could and decided to walk the first hill. Next hill...yep lets walk it. Then I started getting my pace feeling good and next thing I know I have a lead on the group. Threw my hands up, yay for me, and I decided to do a fartlek (?). Do I really know what that is? NO, but I think you take intervals of going fast and slowing. I felt really good and gave it all I had, when I stopped to wait for the group, wow I was surprised on how much of a lead I did have. We still had a little less than a mile to complete the 4 and my partner wasn't feeling the best tonight. There was NO WAY I was going to let her walk it out by herself so I finished walking with her. Believe me I was ready to walk after that fartlek thing I just did!! But I (we) will practice them more and more! We ended up cutting it a bit short tonight (3.76mi) but I was plenty ok with it, because it was HOT! The hubs keeps a napkin to wipe his head, when we finished (this is kinda gross but) he could ring a steady stream of sweat out of it YUCKY!!

I almost forgot the most important thing about last night (oops sorry) My wonderful, AWESOME mom/photographer was waiting for us, we met at the coffee shop that has tables outside. Even better she had cups of ice water waiting on us!! How AWESOME is that!! Thanks MOM, I Love Ya!!

Click HERE to see some pics of me and my partner and the party of 6!! Once you see it I think you will get the answer to the hubs running with girls!!


LauraElaine said...

Great job logging the miles in the heat! I'm having a hard time with it!

Genesis said...

i give people props for running in the heat! good for you for getting out there.

Sheridan Lee said...

Thanks for walking with me...stupid me...DRINK WATER DURING THE DAY!

Trish said...

It looks like you all have lots of fun together!! I'm totally a solo runner, but I might try to run with a friend after work sometime and see how it goes!