Thursday, August 5, 2010

3 Things Thursday (my 1st) & eos Winner

1. My running buddy has convinced me (which didn't take much) to do another Half Marathon in October! I had been playing around with the idea of doing another half this year but really didn't want to do it by myself. Stupid reason I know since I will probably be by myself for some (not most) of the race, but I wanted to "be" with someone this time not solo! It is also her 30th Bday and what better way to celebrate! I thought I had the Hubs on board to do it also but I think he has changed his mind now:(

2. I had an AWESOME 3.5 mile run tonight with the hubs. Alot of the run I felt like I was really rolling and felt good! Although I did miss my crew:( I was happy to get to run with the hubs!! That is part of the reason this is posting so late-sorry!!

3. And last but not least.......a WINNER for the eos lip balm     Result: 41

    So that means Angie from Barefoot AngieB has won!! If you haven't you really should check out her blog, this girl runs barefoot!! WOW is all I can say 'bout that! Angie send me some info and I will send your Lemon Drop sphere your way!!  Also don't forget to enter my SPIbelt giveaway it ends on Saturday!!


Leah B. said...

I really wish I could get my hubby to run with me! He says he doesn't like running. I don't get it! I keep trying to convince him that he'll like it if he does it more. He doesn't believe me :( You are lucky!!

Angie Bishop said...

Congrats to you for deciding to do another half!
Thanks a bunch for the lip balm and I sent you my info through twitter direct messages!

mommaof3ontherun said...

what a nice bday gift~

Sheridan Lee said...

UGH! I'm never going to win anything...ha! Maybe I'll win something big, like the Garmin!

Genesis said...

yay, another half, good for you. if only my knee pain would go away I could have ran another one at the end of this month.

Runners Fuel said...

My husband is a great runner, but he hates doing it.

Jamie said...

Yea another half! It's going to be a fun birthday gift for your friend :)