Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I was Pooped

Last weekend we did not have a 5k race and we wasn't able to get in our 3 nights of 4 miles during the week so we decided to make up the mileage over the weekend. That meant 6 on Saturday and 7 on Sunday. Both of those mornings were PERFECT weather for running about 63 degrees and low humidity!! Saturdays 6 miles turned out to be awesome (56:16) I cut about 5mins off my 10k time and are average pace was 9:20! (Oh by the way I finally got a Garmin but more on that in a moment) Sunday morning was almost the same, 7 awesome miles (1:07:32) with another awesome average pace of 9:38! The course we ran is really flat with one slight hill so I am sure that helped(along with the perfect weather) with the awesome times, BUT I did do it!! And one of the greatest thing is it didn't feel like a struggle to me, I actually felt comfortable at that pace which made me (and my running buddy/friend) feel yep you guessed it AWESOME!! However I felt pooped for the rest of the day Sunday and was very thankful that Monday was rest day!! Last night we put in 4 extremely HOT & HUMID miles and pushed ourselves with a 9:48 pace. Isn't it amazing the difference weather can make?
I do have a question for all you bloggers, during our runs we usually stop at the half way point usually just long enough to take a drink, catch our breath or wipe off sweat etc. Sometimes it is 5 mins sometimes 10 or so. Do you think it is okay to stop? Do you think it hurts "racing" performance?

I love having a Garmin! That wonderful husband of mine ordered me the Forerunner 305 from back in July after our last race together. Just about everyone in our circle of runners had one but me and they was all talking about how great it was to have one, so he came home and ordered me one!! Thanks honey, I Love You!!! I did have a small issue with it however, after about 11days of having it, it quit working, wouldn't come on at all!! So I returned it at my local Walmart and ordered another one, can you believe that 11days later and the price went up $32 on Needless to say I wasn't happy about it, had to purchase it from there since they only gave me a gift card at the store so I sent an email to expressing my unhappiness and they resolved it with no problem. Thank You!!

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Runners Fuel said...

Usually whenever I stop, I end up slowing dwon when i continue. It's best for me to not stop. I love my Garmin, too!!

Jaime said...

Yay for Garmin! They're the best.

Cynthia O'H said...

I don't worry about the breaks during a run. In a race, I'm able to keep going; if it's long, I'll walk through the water stations (more to make sure that the water actually goes into me).

Leah B. said...

I try to make my drink stops as short as possible. I try to pretend I'm going through a water stand at a race and just take a sip and go.
Sorry to hear about your garmin. I hope the new one doesn't mess up! I ordered my garmin a couple days ago and it should be here today or tomorrow. I'M PUMPED!!!

mommaof3ontherun said...

I like my garmin too. glad walmart provide some customer service for ya!