Thursday, September 9, 2010

3 Things Thursday: Did I do that

1. A new Pr on my one of my regular weekly 4mi runs? Just last week I set one at 36:49, last night on the same course but just reversed I came in at 36:34!! That is cutting 15seconds= WOW for me! I know I can't do that on every run but I feel like I am getting closer and closer to that being my average time. I guess really I should say "our" average time because I could NOT do any of these awesome runs without Sheri! Thanks Girl!! Oh and she said the sweetest thing to me tonight on our run, a car with 2 cute little old ladies passed us and Sheri says"That's gonna be us one day when we can't run together anymore, just gonna have to ride around together!" HOW SWEET! Also the rest of our running crew Katrina, Angie & Gerard even though we are all on different levels of our running it takes the support of all of us to make it through this journey!! Thanks Crew Love All of Ya!

2. Tuesday night we are debating, Should we run or should we skip? It had been raining buckets but was down to a light drizzle and it appeared the sky was clearing in the direction we would be going so ya we are doing this. This night my mom and girls decided to go also as they will be walking the 5k this weekend while we are running the 15k. Mom had an umbrella so I gave Baylee mine just in case. Off we go approaching about 1.35 mile the rain has picked up again and it is lighting, even though you shouldn't there is a couple of trees on the corner so we got under neath to wait. Again it lets up so lets finish this there is only .65 till the turn around. Speedy Gerard runs faster ahead of us, turns around coming back saying something but we can't hear him so we smile, laugh and continue on. Seriously it is pouring rain like there is no tomorrow and lighting like crazy, we made it to 1.81 mi and decided we better turn around and head for those trees again. This time however it NEVER let up, so we waited and waited thinking someone will come out and pick us up. No one so lets just go for it, can't get any wetter right? Running with ponds in your shoes, clothes so heavy they feel like they are falling off and rain hitting you so hard it stings is NOT an easy task. We ran from trees to trees stopping a few minutes each tree we came upon until FINALLY Gerard showed up to get us!! THANKS HONEY!! Except he is mad at us~what? He says when he passed us he told us to turn around now and come back with him, but honestly we did not hear him! Sorry dear! Gotta train for any weather possible you never know how it will turn out on race day, right?!

3. This one isn't a did I do that moment. Don't forget to enter my Joy of Soap giveaway! (Should of had it with me in the rain could have went ahead and showered up~lol!!)


Runners Fuel said...

Good job on the PR!! Awesome to run in the rain!

Christy said...

Thanks for the reminder. I just went and checked out your giveaway!

Congrats on cutting 15 seconds. Woot, woot!

Jamie said...

Nice job on the 4mile PR!