Thursday, September 23, 2010

3 Things Thursday: Running Chics

1. Have you been on Running Chics site? If so have you checked it out lately? Running Chics awesome Andrea has been working hard to improve and add on to the site. There are also some new items and new colors, be sure to check it out HERE! I LOVE RUNNING CHICS items!

2. I REALLY LOVE the color of the Vest shown above. Click HERE (or on vest) to see how you can get one of your very own. I have never been a Vest person however I do think it would be enjoyable while running. Hmmm.....Hoping someone reading makes mental notes of the items I like! LOL       How about you? What are your feelings on wearing Vests and not only in running just Vests ? What is a "must have" cold weather running gear? I have limited supply of cold gear and that time is coming guessing I need to start preparing. I am hoping to eventually end up with an entire Running Chics outfit for every season.


3. Have I told you yet that I really LOVE Running Chics stuff? Oh maybe I have. The Stretch Flex-alo Sports Bra is the BEST bra I have ever ran in to date! My family is blessed in the "girls" department so a good sports bra is a MUST. Andrea was kind enough to let me try one out and let me tell you if she was here with me I would have to hug her! I LOVE THIS BRA (and that is totally my opinion unpaid for!!) and would recommend it to any runner!! Click HERE to see about getting your very own! I also LOVE my alo Mesh Back Tank. It is another awesome item I would recommend to any runner it is sooooo comfy! Who doesn't like comfy especially while torturing ourselves oops I mean running. If you do decide to order something (anything) from Running Chics maybe send Andrea an email letting her know you read this Blog post and just HAD to have something from Running Chics and maybe she will give a small discount or something? Don't know that for a fact but it might happen. I am also hoping to do another review/giveaway in a couple of months, maybe Christmas time, stayed tuned!


run4may said...

They have super cute apparel.

Laura B. Jog for Joubert Syndrome said...

i love running chics!!! i have the mesh back tank. im a HUGE fan of vests..running and otherwise. its an essential part of my running attire in the winter. i usually wear a base layer shirt (underarmour) a vest and if its really cold out a fleece over top of that. i like to wear vests with jeans too for casual out and about days too.....this is making me so excited about winter time!!!!

Jamie said...

I love wearing running vests! I only have 1 right now but has come in super handy when it starts cooling off.

Raegun said...

I hate vests, but that one looks cute. Must be the color! ;)