Monday, September 13, 2010

Joy of Soap Winners selected numbers
                                                                           7 & 46
That means Laura Elaine & Running Librarian
send me some info!! All I will need is email address!

If you haven't done so already PLEASE be sure to check out the blogs of those wonderful ladies as well! (Just click on the names above to link to their blogs) LauraElaine  also has some AWESOME scrapbooking items for sale!!

Thanks to all that entered and everyone THANK YOU for following my journey!! A new giveaway will be posted tomorrow so please stay tuned!(Really wanted to get it up tonight but I am exhusted today)


LauraElaine said...

Yay! Thank you! My email is Laurak1228 at yahoo dot com. Thanks again :)

Running Librarian said...

Thanks so much! pamlansberry at gmail dot com :)