Monday, September 20, 2010

The Last Serres Race

Last night was race of our local "Serres". Here's the thing with the "Serres":

Completion of at least 7 of the events in the series will allow you to receive a “Distinctive Serres Reward”. Ten completed events yield a “Pretty Serres Reward” and twelve or more, the “Totally Serres Reward”. Jackets, shirts, gloves, and hats are the planned rewards.

But I will get back to that later....

This was another one of those special races, one in which the good ole' hubs gets to do as well! I wasn't nervous going into the race at all, I had already made my mind up that whatever happens happens, after doing so well the day before I couldn't ask for much more and I knew I would be getting my "Serres" award so it wasn't like I was going home completely empty handed! I do like the awards they give at this race and hope to win one, they are hand painted plaque like things, so maybe one day unfortunately yesterday wasn't it. I told Gerard to run his heart out and maybe he would get one and I could just stake some claim on it~ well that didn't work out either~ but one day it WILL happen! We both actually ran GREAT races, not sure of official times yet and he doesn't have a clue what his time was but it was GREAT. (He NEVER seems to hear or see a clock any where we ever race at~still gotta love his fast running self:) Me on the other hand came in at an extremely HOT 27:47 (by my watch) and not hot like beautiful, hot like holy crap its like 87degrees at 5pm and we are running into the setting sun. I even walked twice for short distances, if only I didn't also found out Gerard had to to the same. We started on the line and this is a pretty big race for our area there are normally about 250 runners/walkers so starting on the line is a pretty big deal to me, but on that day I half way felt comfortable there. I try so hard not to do it but I always get caught up in the race mode and think I can hang with those fast folks until good ole' Sheri yelled at me "Bobbie your at 7:30" yep better slow it way down or I'm gonna pass out! I kept a fairly good pace and did pretty good at slowing and picking back up until a little past mile 2, I saw this other lady I know is fast and she was walking all I could think is if she's walking so am I. Looking back I sure wish I would have tried harder to push on, probably still wouldn't have placed but would have really felt better about it~Oh well there is always next year! All in all it was a great race and all had fun, what more could you ask for. My most favorite little buddy Baron(&family best friends) also came so he could do the kids mad dashIsn't he just the cutest!
Since this was the last race of the "Serres" I wanted to try and get as many of us together that I could for a group photo. Not everyone got in there but again there is ALWAYS next year! Here is what we did get

Not a bad lookin' crew huh?
And what better way to end an evening race, with dinner at the local pizza place Giovanni's YUM!!


Runners Fuel said...

Great race! Awesome time!

chris mcpeake said...

awesome race
way to go