Sunday, September 12, 2010

Run for the Pets 15k

I survived it, I made it I am glad its over and DONE with! That pretty much sums up my thoughts on the 15k. Guess I will go ahead and give ya the break down.

We already knew there was a chance of rain so I was just hoping for not pouring down ponding type of rain, so when I woke up and it was thundering I was doubtful. However the rain held off during the race and wasn't bad at all, it had rained before the race and didn't start during the race until I reached almost mile 9 which was actually a little relief. My mom and girls walked the 5k and they said it poured rain on them at their start~ sorry guys!
The worst part for me is when I opened my eyes I could feel it- the terrible terrible poop pain :( ugghhh! I immediately got up and headed for the bathroom. I got up in plenty of time (thank goodness) and I live right down the road from the race that started at 7:30am, I had every intention of arriving at 7am cause I knew my girl Sheri will arrive about then. But 5 bathroom trips later I think I got there at 7:15 to stand in the bathroom line there and hear "15k Runners 5 mins till start!" Great, why me, why today! I am really not sure what was going on with me, I didn't think it was nerves as I knew I wasn't winning any kind of award I was just going out to run my own race and whatever happened happens but I didn't want stomach issues! Anyway I totally felt like I was going to crap on myself for the first 4 miles then it went away until I got to about 7.5mi and it hit again. I walked until about the 8mi mark and told myself to just finish this thing out! My goal time was 1:30 since in practice last week I did it in 1:29:59 and when I reached the 8mi I thought possibly I could still make it. Nope! I came in at 1:33:18 still okay considering the way I felt! There was also a really nice english lady (guessing by her accent) that talked with me for the last 2.3mi which helped of course. Then as soon as I crossed the finish line someone informed me I had a hurt daughter~ oh no! I look around to see her sitting she slipped and sprained her ankle! Thank goodness nothing major! She even got a first place medal(she was the only one in her age group but hey a win is a win right?).
The main reason I am glad it is over is due to the hills, I am so over running long runs on constant hills. Not completely done but ready for a break! I am very thankful I am able to complete such distances and really enjoy doing all the different distances and adding more and more but I am ready for some easy routes for a couple of weeks! Next Sunday is our last race of the "Serres" and they give out really neat awards there so I really really wanna get one there but we will see what happens!

I leave you fellow bloggies like always with questions! Why is it when last week I ran the same route in practice my legs and body did not feel as tired and wore out as it did (and does) yesterday? Is it just me getting myself all worked up due to it being the actual race? Hope everyone had great races of their own this weekend!

Oh my girl Sheri did AWESOME!! That girl is a total ROCK STAR on the second half of any run we do and I bottom out. Gotta work on that for me but great for her!


misszippy said...

Great job Bobbie! 15k is one of those uncommon distances, but sounds like you handled it well. Glad your daughter was ok.

Lesley @ said...

I think some days are just good and some are bad... period. I have days where my legs and body just don't cooperate, for no apparent reason... but hey, you finished! Congrats. Hope your daughter is feeling better and enjoying her 1st place! I agree, a win is a win!

Teamarcia said...

Ugh sorry about the gastro issues--WTG finishing! That's the million dollar question--nerves do play a role, but there are just so many variables...