Sunday, September 5, 2010

What a week & 9mi

Thank you for all of the words of encouragement on my last post! We all do it to ourselves, think we sucked on a run(or whatever event we are doing) when really all that matters is getting out there and doing it! We all want to set record breaking times and such but all in all we should just be proud of ourselves for getting out there and running or whatever you choose to do. If we set PR's or record times that is just an added bonus....right?
Now with that said I have to say I did PR a 4mile run this week 36:49~ YAY!! I have also joined the rest (or most of) my fellow runners and purchased a hybrid bike.Actually Gerard (the hubs) purchased the bike for me so yep you guessed it...yet another reason why I LOVE and have a GREAT husband! I haven't rode a bike since being a little girl so I was nervous. I took my first ride of 4.11miles on the same hilly course we are running currently. I survived with out any accidents or anything but probably should have went somewhere flatter, but was a good way to learn how to use them gears! I was hoping to do a duathlon with Sheri but the entry cost is a little much for me so maybe next year I can plan on that. On Wednesday I rode my bike (not sure of the distance battery went dead in garmin) about 5mi at noon then ran 4mi that evening. Wasn't sure how I would feel (or even if I could) do both in one day but it wasn't so bad. We did take it pretty slow running however, we were all tired not feeling it so much and on that dang hilly course, I will be glad when the race on the course is over this upcoming weekend. Even though I am starting to get used to it now and realize those crazy hills only make you faster, I will be glad when its over!
The race coming up this weekend is either a 5k or 15k, we decided long ago since we are half training we needed to do the 15k and use it as our long run for the week. Last week when we set out on that awful course for 8 miles we saw newly painted arrows on the road and assumed that was the course and followed them. As you saw in my last post it was awful, monstrous hills and such. Well this week we found out you are suppose to go left and not right and those arrows are for an upcoming biking event! (I couldn't even imagine riding my bike up those crazy hills either though!) So I felt better about doing the entire 15k course this week, still hills but not as bad. Sure enough it was better. I did good the first half the second half wasn't as great but still under my goal pace. Sheri does AWESOME on the second half of our runs so she was a bit ahead of me and I took a couple of small walks (no more than .25mi) and finished in 1:29:59! Come to find out I was only about 2mins behind Sheri which made me feel better about it also since I thought I was way behind. Funny thing (well maybe not so funny) 2 guys came out to practice also, they started about 20mins after us and we finished at the same time (they came in before me) So now that I know this course I think I am up for the challenge of the 15k! And since I haven't "raced" one before its an automatic PR right??!!

I do want to leave you with a question/advice....To any of you who bikes and run what kind of schedule do you do? Bike on the same days as runs? Bike only on days you don't run? Still bike on rest days or should there be a day of nothing at all? I know each is there own but I am trying to figure out a schedule. I also know it will take my legs (and body) time to adjust to it all so it just takes time.


Teamarcia said...

Congrats on the new bike!
I do take one total rest day per week usually...well maybe just some yoga...but once in awhile I'll run after a short bike ride. Usually I'll bike the day after my long run.

Lesley @ said...

Woo-hoo on the 15K practice loop... have a great race. And yes, definitely an automatic PR!

N.D. said...

you are doing great! I can't help you on the bike/run question- I don't bike.

Christy said...

I just found your blog today and I'm a follower! I too got a new's so fun!

zbsports said...

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