Wednesday, October 13, 2010

7k- Autum Classic

A couple of weeks ago my girl Sheri completed a Duathlon (read her awesome recap HERE). I had planned on doing this event also but couldn't afford the entry on short notice, so I will need/am pre planning for next year! Even though I wasn't going to do the event and being the awesome friend I am (HA!) I did a couple of training days with her. OMG have you rode a bike for 15 miles of HUGE hills then jump off and run a 5k? Wow that is a challenge! Of course I (and Katrina and the MOM) got up at the crack of dawn to go and support Sheri and she did AWESOME!! She even got 1st place in age~ Way to go girl!!

So I still needed to run for our half marathon training and wasn't sure what/where I was going to do it. I found a 7k close by and since I haven't done one of those yet I thought "Why not!" And of course Sheri and Katrina and the MOM came along to support me. It was a beautiful evening for a run so I really expected a decent crowd, however I was wrong. I thinks there was maybe about 15, I like small crowds an almost a guaranteed age award, but I also like a little competition so I was a little disappointed. I could tell by the area we were in this was going to be a somewhat hilly course, yea how great. There may have only been about 15 of us but I will tell ya there was 4 or so really fast ones! I have the problem of spacing everyone else out and thinking I can keep up with the fast ones, when we started made the first turn heading for the first(of several) hills I felt extremely worn out looked down at my watch and what?? Crap I am trying to keep up with the fast ones again time to slow it down~ way down, I even had to walk to try to get back on my normal pace. I found it felt good for about 2mi in and then here they came long ongoing uphills with no downhill to follow:( I really dislike those types of runs. I set my goal at the beginning of the race 40 mins or less and 39 would be great. Unfortunately I let those hills get the better of me but I pushed as much and as hard as I could. I reached the 4mi mark around 37:25 and thought I might make it. PUSH THROUGH IT YOUR ALMOST THERE!!! Yep crossed the finish line at 39:21~~HOORAY!! Again there was only about 15 people but a win is a win right? I was the 2nd overall female finisher only to be beat by a teenage girl. Either way trophy or not I am glad I decided to go ahead and DO IT more than anything because it meant us "girls" got to spend the entire day with each other! Our day began at 6am for Sheri's Duathlon breaking away for about 1 1/2 hours to head back out for my 7k of course going out to eat after ~YUM Steak & Shake~ to finally get home around 9:30pm. Thanks Katrina for driving us~ much appreciated!! What a great Day it was!!
I am trying to tell how hilly the course was, what the heck Sheri is doing? Who KNOWS!
Another reason I love my running buddy!!


LauraElaine said...

Great job!

Kovas Palubinskas said...

7K win and PR - awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great job! Way to push through and stay strong!