Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black Cat Chase 5k (almost)

The Perkins Family
Baylee, Gerard, Me & Kaylan

We ran this race last year, we both were still "new" to running and I didn't own a garmin yet. Now my reasons for that statement.
What I Didn't like
*There was an announcement made several times if you did NOT run a 6min mile do NOT start in the front. Gerard and I do NOT run 6 min miles but he always makes up start fairly close to the start(we can hang with the beginning crowd long enough to get into our comfortable pace). I got pushed to the side of the road on top of the median, almost tripped, only for most of those same people to just about stop completely in front of me less than .25 into the race.
*There is a very steep little hill leading up to a concrete bridge, this year there was students on this bridge cheering people one, that part was nice, however they crowded the way and at times was nothing but in the way! Please stay on the sidewalks next time!
*Last year there was Halloween lights close to the road around the Capital, this year they was way back close to the Governor's house:(
*When I reached mile 2 (by their marker) my garmin only read 1.79???
What I Liked
*Such a family friendly event! Music playing, games for small children, street blocked off so you can come and go! Love it!
*The students cheering everyone on! (Just please stay back)
*The weather was beautiful, clear and cool.
*My finishing time!!! Last year my time was 29:42 this year 24:48!! Oh yes I did cut almost 5 whole mins OMG!!!
I was so super excited when I crossed the finish line at 24 anything until I looked down at the good ole garmin to get my exact time and then my excitement went to disappointment. Yes disappointment. It only measured 2.89miles~ugghhh! My first thought is maybe it paused or messed up but then I could hear the chatter of the other runners stating the same thing, so I asked two random women standing there discussing it. Their watch had 2.9. Dang it! So now I am wondering do I still count it as a 5k PR? Don't really see how when the distance was off, way off in my opinion! Don't get me wrong however, I am still super excited over my time, I have not ran anything that "fast" before and am very pleased with my performance!

Ky State Capital

What a crowd
My #1 fan & me!

Gerard headed to the Capital

Look at his super fast sexy runner legs!!
Gerard's time 23:53 he cut 3mins off his 2009 time!!:)


Crystal said...

I say count it! we have run enough races (Liberty) that were long, so this makes up for it! :)

Lesley @ said...

I've had that happen... I say count it... it might make it that much harder to beat... but you'll be determined to beat it so that you have a 3.1 mile PR. Congrats on the awesome time!

Book Worm Runs said...

Congrats on an amazing time!! I say you should count it.

Julie said...

Nice work on a great almost 5K! You still had an impressive time even if the race was a little short. Good job and congrats!

Teamarcia said...

WooHoo you've come a long way! Congrats!

Raegun said...

This is still an impressive time. Enjoy it!

Runners Fuel said...

Great time!

Anonymous said...

Great job mate! I hope to beat my time every year.