Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Louisville Half Marathon

Happy with my finishing time but not the performance I wanted.
Gun Time- 2:12:19
Chip Time- 2:12:10  
Night Before:
  Sheri and I drove up earlier in the day with our moms and our husbands came up later after they got off work. Anytime our husbands get together you can guarantee it is going to be a fun full of laughing kind of night, and that we did! We went to eat at a great Pizza/Pasta place the clerk at the hotel recommended if you are ever in Louisville, Ky go to Clifton's Pizza on Frankfort Ave!! Missed our turn to get back to the hotel by 2miles so we had some back tracking to do, oops maybe the boys had a little too much beer to drink ~lol!! The road that took us to the pizza place must of been having a Halloween contest almost every house had crazy, awesome decorations and there was tons of people walking the sidewalks and cars driving by looking!

Race Day:
I really wasn't terribly nervous going into this. Yes I felt pressure of wanting to finish in 2 hours but also felt confident 2:10 wasn't out of my reach. We had asked at packet pick up about the course and was told no hills. Another friend of mine was there and lined up with us, it was her first half and she was nervous. I told her not to worry she would do great as she is an awesome runner, she has been running her whole life just not long distances. This was a Full/Half combo a very small race so everyone started together. We just got in line where there was an open spot and ended up really close to the start, that kind of made me nervous but tried not to let it bother me.  Then it was time to take off and of course we were in the fast crowd and they wanted through! It was Sheri's 30th bday and we had shirts on to tell about it, they was the first to go plus I wanted to give it to the family so I would have it after the race.
Miles 1-5: Felt good thought I had good pace but thinking why didn't I stretch more? I decided to take my camera along in my SpiBelt to try and take some pics. The race started what seemed like a neighborhood but the road took us downtown along the Ohio River, I was glad I had my camera! We were keeping a 8:50 pace for almost 3 miles but upon reaching the 3mi mark I looked at Sheri and said"I am feeling like I could walk?" WHY! But I pushed on and tried to get the thought out of my mind! Our chip timers were ankle bracelets and Sheri's kept on bothering her she had to stop a couple of times to adjust it she told me to go on but I was thankful to walk for as long as she needed! That is maybe what killed me not sure? We headed into the river area and I got the camera out again to snap some pics trying to take my mind off what ever is going on with me. Sheri took a little of a lead and Kelli and I stayed together for another couple of miles. I was thankful for Kelli's company for those two miles cause she talked about different things and that helped take my mind off and make me want to keep on pushing to stay with her. But I just had to give in:(
Miles 6 - 8: There was a couple of small steep hills, the ones I really don't like. And you had to cross a railroad track very carefully and we ran under the underpass that cars drive on(why didn't I take a pic of that??) These miles is when I was really starting to feel rough and not in one place ALL over! The course was in & out so I knew I would see Sheri at the turn around somewhere so I tried to keep running and got the camera back out to get a pic of her. She looked really strong when I saw her told her good job and I sucked! My stomach at this time had also decided to kick in I stopped at the porta potty waited a couple of mins and decided to just go on. From about the 7.5 mi to the finish I did a run walk and was really disappointed in myself!
Miles 9 - 13.1: These were the worst miles ever! My entire body felt like a cramp from head to toe! My arms felt cramped but my legs, both of them, were AWFUL! It started in my left foot to my right knee to both of my hamstrings to both of my calves! The only thing I can think of as to why is not enough water intake the days before. I truly felt bad from head to toe and just wanted it to be over! I hardly ever look at my watch except for maybe at mile marks this time however I found myself looking at it constantly trying to figure out how and am I going to make any of my goal times? I continued the run walk thinking I would run the last mile, I think it only ended up being the last half mile! This greatest thing was my family was at the finish line holding hands out for high 5's as I crossed! It made me feel so much better!

Yes I had a good time and Yes I am already thinking about the next one but I will post that in the next one to keep this one from being any longer!! Along w/pictures:)

And I promise the Yurbuds winner will be announced soon!


Kovas Palubinskas said...

Ouch, those sound like some painful miles! Hoping the next one will be more pleasant.

Crystal said...

Congrats! You did awesome! Mile 9 was/is the killer for the majority of us I think! ;/

Tricia said...


Book Worm Runs said...

Sounds like a tough one but way to push through and finish!! Congratulations!!

Julie said...

Nice work Bobbie! Way to be a tough runner girl and bust through to the end! Congrats!

Lesley @ racingitoff.com said...

Congrats on the finish! Sorry it didn't go as planned, but way to push through.

Jason said...

Congrats on finishing the race. Sometimes it doesn't go as planned but you push through and create a process for the next one.

Anonymous said...

Great job! I could only hope to have that time. :)

H Love said...

great job! cutie outfits!