Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recovery Week

I am VERY pleased to say that my recovery time and returning to running time is greatly improved this time around:) After my first half it took me almost 3 weeks to be able to run again. This time 2 days! On Tuesday I ran an easy 5k in my normal average time, Wednesday the rather challenging route at the park 2.5 once again in decent time, and 4 wonderful miles on Saturday. I forgot to wear my watch Saturday so I don't know the exact time but it was 37 something:)
Because I felt like I did so terrible when I finished the half last Sunday, I was ready to give up on them. The thought of doing another one made me want to cry. Now that I have had time to calm back down and think properly, I have been researching what half I want to do next and how many I want to do  next year! (Any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them!) One thing that is on schedule for next October is the Bourbon Chase, it is an overnight relay covering 200 miles of beautiful Kentucky. It sounds like so much fun! The teams are made of 12 runners, we currently have about 6 committed so if any ladies out there think they would be interested please send me an email!! (Sorry guys but we are trying to get an all female team) Each runner completes about 16.5 miles in different segments. Click HERE to read all about it.
So where did I go wrong in my half last weekend? Still not sure exactly. The first time around I realized I didn't put in enough training and long runs, not the case this time. This time I made sure I found a buddy and put in the miles, so I think anyway. I had planned on drinking lots of water the Friday and Saturday before, that plan failed actually drank less water than I normally do. I am trying not to dwell and move on my finishing time was great (2:12) and there will always be something to improve on right?


Sheridan Lee said...

You did awesome! We met our goal, that's all that matters! And of course, we have each other!

Anonymous said...

I'm with Sheridan, you meet your goals! Way to go!! Glad you are feeling better this go around (recovery period). Good luck in your does sound like lots of fun!

chris mcpeake said...

got to love the recovery period!

Jamie said...

You'll learn something from every race. Glad the recovery is better this time around and you are willing to get back and try another half!