Thursday, November 25, 2010

Southern Lights Stroll 5k

Tonight (Wednesday) was the Southern Lights Stroll 5k, this is a great fun race. Southern Lights are Christmas lights throughout the Kentucky Horse Park, it is actually a driving course that they open up early one night to have this 5k~how nice of them! I ran this race last year and really enjoyed it so of course I was on again this year, except this year I have company:) Tonight was girls night, the hubs could have went since he was off work but today was a cold rainy day and well he wussed out~sorry honey I love ya and all but come on~JOKING! Anyway tonight it was me, Sheri and Kelli (who ran in the half with us) and of course the photographer awesome MOM!! It rained almost the entire way there and it was a cold rain(40degrees) but once we got there the rain seemed to stop~again how nice. There was a decent crowd maybe 200+ runners and maybe close to the same amount of walkers. We started right at the front almost right on the starting line. We took off fast, really fast, I felt like I was running like a little kid legs and arms all straight running as hard as I could, of course that didn't last long at all just long enough to not feel like I would be trampled when I settled into MY pace which just so happen to be 8:45 tonight:):) I was so caught up in wanting to place that I never looked at any of the lights, I told the girls when we got there I was either winning an age award or a  door prize and we decided I can control the age thing but not the door prize so I better run fast. Therefore I kept an 8:45 pace and this is not the easiest of courses, it has several hills, it was dark and wet from raining, there was also a little boy in front of me and he was holding his own staying steady and all I could think is if he can do it so can I. The end is a straight uphill (the entrance to the park) and had it not been so long I may have pulled off a little better but I am very happy with my 27:02 (by my garmin not sure of official time yet) my 2009 time was 29:24~Yay! I felt very confident about getting an award until I heard they was by 10's instead of 5's and wouldn't you know it Kelli ended up getting 3rd~ dang her~JOKING~I still love ya Kelli! At least one out of the three of us got something and Kelli really does deserve it, she has just started doing 5k's and she is a Great runner. The only problem is we will be in the same age group next year and dang she is fast, guess that just means I need to get faster also! Again Kelli Joking girl!

The best part is we are all getting up in the morning and doing it again at the  Thoroughbred Classic 5K ! Sheri is running this race with her 9 year old niece, it will be her very first race and 5k ever! She has been practicing so hard I know she will do GREAT tomorrow~GO Gracie!! Be sure to read Sheri's Blog and see how well she did. I am considering staying back with them but I am going to wait and see how I feel in the morning!

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Raegun said...

That sounds amazing - and hey, you ran a pretty quick race. Maybe you'll catch her next year! ;)