Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A good DreadMill run & ISIS Review

Tonight I chickened out and opted out of running outside, but I haven't been feeling good the last couple of days and didn't go to work yesterday and it was FREEZING with wind today so I think I made a good choice. Even though that choice forced me to run on the DREADMILL~UGGHH!! I have decided to take each "mill" run as it comes meaning I will run as fast and hard as I feel that day. Tonight I wasn't totally dreading it because I just wanted to run after not doing anything for 2 days and I decided my plan for today was to start out at 5.4mph for a few laps then bump up to 5.6 where I was feeling very comfy so I decided to stay for a while. At 2.75mi I lowered it down to 5.1 just for a few seconds and kept bumping it up by .2 every couple of minutes until I got to 6.1, I was feeling strong hanging in felt just like I was cruising smooth. My original distance planned for tonight was 4mi but I was starting to feel so great I thought I will just keep on going until I want to stop. Still cruising at the speed of 6.1 I look down to check my distance 3.5 reached for the sweat towel and what..........OH HECK I pulled the cord and shut the machine down! Bummer, I was actually feeling good running on the DREADMILL and look what happens~oh well I just went over and lifted a couple of weights while waiting on the hubs to finish at the gym~at least I did do some type of run today!!

Recently I was looking around on and saw an advertisement for ISIS sports bras, it looked interesting so I clicked on it to check it out. Not only do they have sports bras and undies they have a variety of clothing for women from jackets to dresses and accessories! I LOVE the colors offered by ISIS the purples and blues shirts and jackets and grey pants are my favorites. I contacted ISIS about reviewing a bra and undies and here is what I got
C/D Bra

Sports Brief

When I received the bra and looked at it I was instantly curious about it, I didn't have (or ever really seen before) a sports bra that fastens like a regular bra, all of mine are one piece you slip over the head. I wondered how comfortable I really thought it would be. WAS I EVER SURPRISED! It doesn't even feel like I have a bra on it is so comfy! I honestly wish I had one for every day (I am not a big fan of laundry so the more the better). The wicking fabric is the softest ever. And the sports briefs are the same way! I have wondered if "sports" undies would really make a difference, well the answer is Yes especially if they are all made like ISIS. Again these are made out of the softest wicking fabric. An excellent sports bra (and little did I know but apparently) and undies are a must as a woman runner for me. I am extremely happy I have found ISIS and I really think any of their products would make perfect gifts for a woman runner in your lives!


Kirstie said...

Mill runs have their their time and place in the running world. Sometimes you just have to ;) I should have hit mine tonight after working two jobs today but just didnt have it mentally in me to do it. Dying to run as I havent ran since Saturday! Ahhhh!

H Love said...

thanks for sharing. I will have to check it out!

Caroline said...

Never heard of that brand before...I will have to check it out also! I prefer the ones that fasten like regular bras like the moving comfort ones.

Amanda@runninghood said...

thanks for the Isis info. I'll have to check them out...although, really, after 3 kids and a small chest to begin with, I'm not need in need of much of a bra so any bra will do but the undies look comfy. :)