Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jingle Bell Jog 5k

This past Saturday we ran our last race of the year(so sad), the Jingle Bell Jog 5k. This is a fun race along the course there are 3 tables with wrapped presents each runner/walker gets to pick up a present, you can even exchange at each table if you like, and as long as you cross the finish line with it, it is yours to open!! Last year I picked an awesome gift $25 CASH, this year not so lucky, Sheri and I both picked up the same gift, a gingerbread cookie!! Oh well you can't win em' all!
When I woke up and on the way to the race this was the scene

You HAVE to love Kentucky weather, you just never know what it may bring! Funny thing is it did the same exact thing last year we hardly ever get any snow and what you see above is all we got even though at times it looks like a blizzard while it is snowing~drives me NUTS GIVE ME SOME SNOW ALREADY~! Mom has learned no matter what the weather if there is a race we are going!
Something new they had this year was a Spirit Award, whichever team had the most group members show up and participate received $100 and a plaque. I decided a few weeks ago that WE was winning that award, not the $$ the plaque. Why the plaque? Because we decided it was going to my mom! Without her we wouldn't have all these awesome pictures (except the 2 above I stole them from Kelli), someone to hold our stuff, pin our numbers on and most importantly give us Good Luck Kisses!! As you can see from the pic above we DID it!! Actually we got 2nd place but first was a home health company, umm hello unfair advantage!! And we had already decided that we was going to donate the $100 back to Alzheimer's, the cause for the race and we have become friends with the director of this race in which her father had Alzheimer's. What a good group we are!! Mom will kill me but here she is with HER plaque

The race itself, well it was dangerous the roads were slushy/icy, entire first mile is uphill, entire course it uphill with few downhills until the end which is great, not my favorite course almost always something goes wrong. Besides the road conditions I have to say it actually went well this time, even just as planned! Sheri and I had talked about how we wanted to run the race since we are familiar with the course and know the challenge of it we set out a plan, little did we know it would be slushy/icy, but we finished right on target~SUPER we might just be getting good at this! Both of our times were reported at 28:37 with Sheri crossing in front of me (I honestly tried to sprint past her at the finish~shame on me but she had me :) so I got 2nd in our age group~YAY!!
This wasn't all of our group not even half!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on taking second in your AG

I found your blog because we are part of team snowflake for the Runners Luck Card exchange, just wanted to stop by and say "Hi!!!"

Lesley @ said...

Woo-hoo, age group award AND team spirit award! Awesome way to end the race season.

Khourt said...

You guys had a big group! Sure looks cold out there.. Congrats on the awards

Sheridan Lee said...

Great pics!