Monday, December 20, 2010

Running in the Cold

With the first day of winter before us, I am asking you bloggy friends the question, How do you handle running in the Cold, Snow or whatever Winter weather you have?

Last winter I was still new to running and didn't have a schedule, this year I have a schedule I would like to keep and will begin GULP marathon training in January. I really hate the fact that the weekly runs will more than likely be on the treadmill, but I will try my best to get the long runs in on Saturdays OUTSIDE with MY BUDDY!! Even if that means wearing lots of layers of clothing! Saturday afternoon the sun came out and the temps warmed up to 30 so the ice began to melt YAY!! Sheri and I went to Old Navy for the $1 scarfs, did any of you get any~they are super cute and perfect for running!~and we decided to head out Sunday morning for a run of at least 5 possible 6 miles. Neither of us have been running for the last 2 weeks, she has been sick and I have ran a couple of times on the treadmill but not much at all.

Sunday morning was nice and bright and maybe 25 degrees! I wore some running pants with fleece lined inside (review of them to come don't want to tell too much:), a dri fit short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve tshirt type dri fit and a fleece zip up jacket (another awesome Old Navy purchase) along with an ear warmer, gloves and an awesome $1 Old Navy scarf. I decided not to wear a hat because of the sun being out I knew I would get too warm with a hat. All in all I was fairly comfortable, even at times like I could have shed something but only for a second. Saturday night I was at walmart with the hubs and I came across a magic eight ball, so I asked it " Will I have a decent run on Sunday since I haven't ran in a while?" it said "Without a doubt" so I had to text Sheri and tell her. Then she wanted me to ask it about her, it wasn't as nice to her it said "Don't count on it"! Was the eight ball right? Yes and NO! I feel like we both had an awesome run considering all the factors (snow, ice, cold, no running for 2weeks) we did 6 miles in 1:00:47 and I felt great the entire time! Sheri had a little issue with her knee so we stopped every now and again and she picked up some ice from the road and held it on her knee a couple of times~ creative right?!

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How do you handle running in the Cold, Snow or whatever Winter weather you have? Leave the answer here in a comment the go back HERE and leave a comment with the words "BONUS ENTRY"


Cynthia O'H said...

I'd love to run in your cold temperatures. Right now, it's a high of 30 on a "warm" day. I have many different types of gear for different types of cold, but the secret is layer. Tech. fabrics are important (Nike Dri-Fit and fleece lined tech. tights) are key for me, as is a good hat and gloves. My biggest beef about cold-weather running is the laundry that comes with it.

Stephanie Anne said...

Im dealing with 19 degrees or so right now, the snow hasn't started yet. I do weekly runs on the treadmill and long runs outside as well. I am seriously wanting a pair of fleece lined tights so I am anxiously awaiting your review! Right now I wear tights with a skirt layered over, a long sleeve wicking, a coldgear or other heavier moisture wicking top & a light weight running jacket for wind resistance. I usually wear gloves and a headband too.

LauraElaine said...

Bundle up in layers! Right now I don't have too many long-sleeve choices (they were on my Xmas list though!!) so I've been wearing a long-sleeve drifit with a wind-breaker over it and either long spandex/tights or capris. I don't like to run with a hat, so I wear a fleece headband instead and it works just fine!

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

I dont like to overdress. If Im warm when I start out then I know Ill have to shed layers so I try to dress where Im slightly cold. Ill warm up as Im running. Ive been wearing knit hat, or ear warmer and gloves.. Sometimes Ive had to shuck the hat and gloves.

Jamie said...

If it's icy out I head to the treadmill and get through the runs by watching TV and mixing up the pace. If I venture outside I'm bundled up. Usually running tights, a dri-fit shirt, long sleeve running shirt, and winter runner jacket. A hat and gloves are a must. Stay warm!