Sunday, October 31, 2010

Black Cat Chase 5k (almost)

The Perkins Family
Baylee, Gerard, Me & Kaylan

We ran this race last year, we both were still "new" to running and I didn't own a garmin yet. Now my reasons for that statement.
What I Didn't like
*There was an announcement made several times if you did NOT run a 6min mile do NOT start in the front. Gerard and I do NOT run 6 min miles but he always makes up start fairly close to the start(we can hang with the beginning crowd long enough to get into our comfortable pace). I got pushed to the side of the road on top of the median, almost tripped, only for most of those same people to just about stop completely in front of me less than .25 into the race.
*There is a very steep little hill leading up to a concrete bridge, this year there was students on this bridge cheering people one, that part was nice, however they crowded the way and at times was nothing but in the way! Please stay on the sidewalks next time!
*Last year there was Halloween lights close to the road around the Capital, this year they was way back close to the Governor's house:(
*When I reached mile 2 (by their marker) my garmin only read 1.79???
What I Liked
*Such a family friendly event! Music playing, games for small children, street blocked off so you can come and go! Love it!
*The students cheering everyone on! (Just please stay back)
*The weather was beautiful, clear and cool.
*My finishing time!!! Last year my time was 29:42 this year 24:48!! Oh yes I did cut almost 5 whole mins OMG!!!
I was so super excited when I crossed the finish line at 24 anything until I looked down at the good ole garmin to get my exact time and then my excitement went to disappointment. Yes disappointment. It only measured 2.89miles~ugghhh! My first thought is maybe it paused or messed up but then I could hear the chatter of the other runners stating the same thing, so I asked two random women standing there discussing it. Their watch had 2.9. Dang it! So now I am wondering do I still count it as a 5k PR? Don't really see how when the distance was off, way off in my opinion! Don't get me wrong however, I am still super excited over my time, I have not ran anything that "fast" before and am very pleased with my performance!

Ky State Capital

What a crowd
My #1 fan & me!

Gerard headed to the Capital

Look at his super fast sexy runner legs!!
Gerard's time 23:53 he cut 3mins off his 2009 time!!:)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Spooky Races

Halloween is upon us. Are you running any spooky races this weekend? Tonight the hubs and I are running the Black Cat Chase 5k in Frankfort, Ky. This is our second year doing it. Last year was really fun. It goes around our state capital and they have some Halloween lights around it. I enjoyed taking my camera on the half so I am considering it again tonight! Gerard (hubs) and I ran (just the two of us first time in a long time) on Monday, he is at least a minute faster than me in pace but I hung in for a good 2mi at 8:45 pace :) Really hope I can do that tonight. My legs feel tired right now but I am hoping for the best! Unfortunately my buddy Sheri won't be with me, dang it, but she is in a play.

Stay tuned for race report and pics!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Recovery Week

I am VERY pleased to say that my recovery time and returning to running time is greatly improved this time around:) After my first half it took me almost 3 weeks to be able to run again. This time 2 days! On Tuesday I ran an easy 5k in my normal average time, Wednesday the rather challenging route at the park 2.5 once again in decent time, and 4 wonderful miles on Saturday. I forgot to wear my watch Saturday so I don't know the exact time but it was 37 something:)
Because I felt like I did so terrible when I finished the half last Sunday, I was ready to give up on them. The thought of doing another one made me want to cry. Now that I have had time to calm back down and think properly, I have been researching what half I want to do next and how many I want to do  next year! (Any suggestions I would LOVE to hear them!) One thing that is on schedule for next October is the Bourbon Chase, it is an overnight relay covering 200 miles of beautiful Kentucky. It sounds like so much fun! The teams are made of 12 runners, we currently have about 6 committed so if any ladies out there think they would be interested please send me an email!! (Sorry guys but we are trying to get an all female team) Each runner completes about 16.5 miles in different segments. Click HERE to read all about it.
So where did I go wrong in my half last weekend? Still not sure exactly. The first time around I realized I didn't put in enough training and long runs, not the case this time. This time I made sure I found a buddy and put in the miles, so I think anyway. I had planned on drinking lots of water the Friday and Saturday before, that plan failed actually drank less water than I normally do. I am trying not to dwell and move on my finishing time was great (2:12) and there will always be something to improve on right?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1/2 Photos

Kelli, Me & Sheri
Me (still smiling!)


Crazy Girl Sheri!

Saw what appeared to be homeless people coming out here. Had to go around them on the sidewalk.

Ohio River

Belle of Louisville

We even had matching outfits!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yurbuds Winner

True Random Number Generator

Running Librarian said...
I would love to try them, my ears are small and I always have trouble finding ear buds that fit and stay in my ears while I run.

Send me an email so I can give you some info!! 
Thanks to all that entered and for following my journey! Many more giveaways and journeys to come! 

Louisville Half Marathon

Happy with my finishing time but not the performance I wanted.
Gun Time- 2:12:19
Chip Time- 2:12:10  
Night Before:
  Sheri and I drove up earlier in the day with our moms and our husbands came up later after they got off work. Anytime our husbands get together you can guarantee it is going to be a fun full of laughing kind of night, and that we did! We went to eat at a great Pizza/Pasta place the clerk at the hotel recommended if you are ever in Louisville, Ky go to Clifton's Pizza on Frankfort Ave!! Missed our turn to get back to the hotel by 2miles so we had some back tracking to do, oops maybe the boys had a little too much beer to drink ~lol!! The road that took us to the pizza place must of been having a Halloween contest almost every house had crazy, awesome decorations and there was tons of people walking the sidewalks and cars driving by looking!

Race Day:
I really wasn't terribly nervous going into this. Yes I felt pressure of wanting to finish in 2 hours but also felt confident 2:10 wasn't out of my reach. We had asked at packet pick up about the course and was told no hills. Another friend of mine was there and lined up with us, it was her first half and she was nervous. I told her not to worry she would do great as she is an awesome runner, she has been running her whole life just not long distances. This was a Full/Half combo a very small race so everyone started together. We just got in line where there was an open spot and ended up really close to the start, that kind of made me nervous but tried not to let it bother me.  Then it was time to take off and of course we were in the fast crowd and they wanted through! It was Sheri's 30th bday and we had shirts on to tell about it, they was the first to go plus I wanted to give it to the family so I would have it after the race.
Miles 1-5: Felt good thought I had good pace but thinking why didn't I stretch more? I decided to take my camera along in my SpiBelt to try and take some pics. The race started what seemed like a neighborhood but the road took us downtown along the Ohio River, I was glad I had my camera! We were keeping a 8:50 pace for almost 3 miles but upon reaching the 3mi mark I looked at Sheri and said"I am feeling like I could walk?" WHY! But I pushed on and tried to get the thought out of my mind! Our chip timers were ankle bracelets and Sheri's kept on bothering her she had to stop a couple of times to adjust it she told me to go on but I was thankful to walk for as long as she needed! That is maybe what killed me not sure? We headed into the river area and I got the camera out again to snap some pics trying to take my mind off what ever is going on with me. Sheri took a little of a lead and Kelli and I stayed together for another couple of miles. I was thankful for Kelli's company for those two miles cause she talked about different things and that helped take my mind off and make me want to keep on pushing to stay with her. But I just had to give in:(
Miles 6 - 8: There was a couple of small steep hills, the ones I really don't like. And you had to cross a railroad track very carefully and we ran under the underpass that cars drive on(why didn't I take a pic of that??) These miles is when I was really starting to feel rough and not in one place ALL over! The course was in & out so I knew I would see Sheri at the turn around somewhere so I tried to keep running and got the camera back out to get a pic of her. She looked really strong when I saw her told her good job and I sucked! My stomach at this time had also decided to kick in I stopped at the porta potty waited a couple of mins and decided to just go on. From about the 7.5 mi to the finish I did a run walk and was really disappointed in myself!
Miles 9 - 13.1: These were the worst miles ever! My entire body felt like a cramp from head to toe! My arms felt cramped but my legs, both of them, were AWFUL! It started in my left foot to my right knee to both of my hamstrings to both of my calves! The only thing I can think of as to why is not enough water intake the days before. I truly felt bad from head to toe and just wanted it to be over! I hardly ever look at my watch except for maybe at mile marks this time however I found myself looking at it constantly trying to figure out how and am I going to make any of my goal times? I continued the run walk thinking I would run the last mile, I think it only ended up being the last half mile! This greatest thing was my family was at the finish line holding hands out for high 5's as I crossed! It made me feel so much better!

Yes I had a good time and Yes I am already thinking about the next one but I will post that in the next one to keep this one from being any longer!! Along w/pictures:)

And I promise the Yurbuds winner will be announced soon!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Louisville Half Marathon Countdown

1. Last Thursday we completed our last long run for training (12 miles). The entire first half of the run I felt great. Nice and Strong. Then it slowly started going down hill from there. I always seem to be having stomach issues on the long runs so I decided not to eat anything before heading out NOT a good idea. About mile 10 I really started to bottom out tried hard to just keep pushing through it only a couple of more miles to go. We had to stop for a stoplight and when we took off again I felt dizzy and light head like I could pass out, once we reached the entry to the park where we were parked, we both ended up walking the last 1/2 mile. But still made our 2hr goal:) After beating myself up wondering WTHeck is going on, I remembered that we also ran 4 fast miles the night before, not enough rest time.

2. The Half is this Sunday, only 3 days away! I feel so much better this time going into it, my first half I didn't feel as confident. I didn't really complete the training like I should have and have done so much better this time even though I have had some hip pain, foot pain and slight back ache today. We ran two slow 5k runs this week and that is when I discovered my foot pain and already went to the chiropractor once this week for the hip, thinking I might go again tomorrow. Why do the aches and pains wait till the week leading up to your big events to come out? Ugghhh!

3. We have heard that this course is really flat and fast! I am really excited for that fact, hoping all the hilly runs we have done this summer helps us be fast. Our three goal times we have decided on are 2:15 will make us happy, 2:10 will be really nice and 2 Flat will be AWESOME! Guess now we wait and see what happens!!

Don't forget to enter my Yurbuds giveaway!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

7k- Autum Classic

A couple of weeks ago my girl Sheri completed a Duathlon (read her awesome recap HERE). I had planned on doing this event also but couldn't afford the entry on short notice, so I will need/am pre planning for next year! Even though I wasn't going to do the event and being the awesome friend I am (HA!) I did a couple of training days with her. OMG have you rode a bike for 15 miles of HUGE hills then jump off and run a 5k? Wow that is a challenge! Of course I (and Katrina and the MOM) got up at the crack of dawn to go and support Sheri and she did AWESOME!! She even got 1st place in age~ Way to go girl!!

So I still needed to run for our half marathon training and wasn't sure what/where I was going to do it. I found a 7k close by and since I haven't done one of those yet I thought "Why not!" And of course Sheri and Katrina and the MOM came along to support me. It was a beautiful evening for a run so I really expected a decent crowd, however I was wrong. I thinks there was maybe about 15, I like small crowds an almost a guaranteed age award, but I also like a little competition so I was a little disappointed. I could tell by the area we were in this was going to be a somewhat hilly course, yea how great. There may have only been about 15 of us but I will tell ya there was 4 or so really fast ones! I have the problem of spacing everyone else out and thinking I can keep up with the fast ones, when we started made the first turn heading for the first(of several) hills I felt extremely worn out looked down at my watch and what?? Crap I am trying to keep up with the fast ones again time to slow it down~ way down, I even had to walk to try to get back on my normal pace. I found it felt good for about 2mi in and then here they came long ongoing uphills with no downhill to follow:( I really dislike those types of runs. I set my goal at the beginning of the race 40 mins or less and 39 would be great. Unfortunately I let those hills get the better of me but I pushed as much and as hard as I could. I reached the 4mi mark around 37:25 and thought I might make it. PUSH THROUGH IT YOUR ALMOST THERE!!! Yep crossed the finish line at 39:21~~HOORAY!! Again there was only about 15 people but a win is a win right? I was the 2nd overall female finisher only to be beat by a teenage girl. Either way trophy or not I am glad I decided to go ahead and DO IT more than anything because it meant us "girls" got to spend the entire day with each other! Our day began at 6am for Sheri's Duathlon breaking away for about 1 1/2 hours to head back out for my 7k of course going out to eat after ~YUM Steak & Shake~ to finally get home around 9:30pm. Thanks Katrina for driving us~ much appreciated!! What a great Day it was!!
I am trying to tell how hilly the course was, what the heck Sheri is doing? Who KNOWS!
Another reason I love my running buddy!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Prize Pack Winner

Random Number Generator picked number 130 which is:
Twila and Kris said...

like sugoi on facebook
Thu Sep 30, 05:56:00 PM EDT

Twila will be completing her first Marathon in Indianapolis next weekend~ Good Luck Girl!!
Be sure to check out her blog HERE to read all about it!

I also won a Sugoi shirt from Crystal (be sure to check out her blog HERE). Crystal will be traveling with her husband and Twila to complete her first Half Marathon! ~Good Luck to Crystal & Jeremy as well!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Running with Tunes & Yurbuds Giveaway

Do you run with Tunes (music)?

I am an on and off music listener while running, some days I like it, some days I don't. Good earphones plays a vital part in my decision of running with music or not, although I only had one pair that I purchased from walmart. Some days they seem to fit better than others but I have to say I really wasn't the happiest with them. (At this moment I can't remember what brand/style they are) Then I started seeing all the talk on the blog world about Yurbuds. I went to there site and checked them out. Then out of the blue a couple of days later the marvelous Adam from Yurbuds contacted me about doing a review ~ how ironic is he reading my mind? So of course I agreed.
If you haven't been to their site then you really should check it out. The first step in ordering Yurbuds is to get fitted, click HERE to see how, you basically hold a quarter up next to your ear and send them a photo of it ~or~ you can send a photo of your current earphones in your ear. They will tell you what size you are and then place your order! I anxiously waited for mine, I usually only listen to music on long runs. I received my  just in time for my first 15k. I was ever so thankful to have them that day as I didn't feel good and was without my buddy cause she was lots better than me that day. Another thing I only do is run with one earphone in mostly just for safety. The first few times I wore the earphones I wasn't so sure I liked them, however I think it was my fault and probably didn't have them in correctly. The other night I ran on the dreadmill and used both Yurbuds and I probably took more time making sure they were in right and LOVED them! They had somewhat of an echo sound that allowed me to hear other things going on as well, which I liked. I used one today on the last long run before our half and once again I LOVED IT! My Yurbud stayed perfectly in my ear the entire run and I never had to adjust it, even when I really started sweating no movement!
So of course I had to ask the marvelous Adam if he would offer a pair to giveaway, and yep he agreed! Want some Yurbuds ?
Be a Follower of my Blog
Go to Yurbuds and tell why you want some
Spread the word Blog It, Tweet It, Post it on Facebook
One entry for each PLEASE Leave a separate comment for each entry!
Entries taken until 10/17 Winner selected on 10/18

The opinion above is ALL mine & NOT paid for!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Serres Award

So any of my followers know that this summer I participate in my local "Serres" of 5k races (with one 10k). I began running last summer (June 2009) and missed the first couple of races for the serres but did all the other races. This year your prize varied on how many races you completed. Here's the break down on prize levels:

Completion of at least 7 of the events in the series will allow you to receive a “Distinctive Serres Reward”. Ten completed events yield a “Pretty Serres Reward” and twelve or more, the “Totally Serres Reward”. Jackets, shirts, gloves, and hats are the planned rewards.

Last year as I stated there was only one prize of a windbreaker jacket as long as you completed so many races, which I did. At the "Run for the Pets 15k", the next to last race of the "serres" Rick, the director, stated that there was only 2 people that completed every single race~ hmmmmmm
Last year at the end of the last race, Rick called all participants of the "serres" up and just said a little something about everyone. This year they was letting people pick up their goods before the race, so I walked up to get my and the lady said "oh, I am sorry but you have to wait, Rick is giving yours out after the race". So after the race Rick started announcing how many people completed each reward level and then the "Totally Serres Reward". Are you serious? I was the ONLY person who completed EVERY SINGLE race in the Serres! I could not believe it, I thought there was 2 but it was only ME!! Now I can't wait till next year's "Serres"!!
The Rewards consisted of : A Long Sleeve running shirt, A Running Vest, Ear warmer and a Toboggan Hat!