Sunday, January 9, 2011

1st week of Marathon training= DONE

Okay so its going to be easy the first few weeks mileage wise, but weather wise is going to be a little challenging. Also being off of routine is going to take a week or two to get used to again. Due to my cold we ended up running three days in a row this week which was rough for the first week of starting a schedule again but it is what we did ALL summer long so it feels good to begin to get back!

Here's how week one went:
Tuesday- 4miles/39:59 Cold Good run until I started having GI issues
Wednesday- 4miles/44:23 Cold Still not feeling the best Sheri having GI issues we walked lots but that's okay!
Thursday- 4miles/40:39 VERY WINDY & COLD w/blowing snow hitting our eyeballs running in that wind really tired me out!
Sunday- 5miles/51:05 Best run of the week cold but no wind both of us felt great the entire run
*Those times are from my memory and may be off by a few seconds!

We had originally planned on doing the 5mi on Saturday but it snowed about 2inches Friday night and was very windy again and only like 10 degrees at the time we planned, waiting until Sunday was much more enjoyable. Sidewalks was still partially snow covered but it helped us keep a slower pace which is something we are working on! Snow and cold is in the forecast again this week so I hope we are able to get out there together again this week and not be forced to complete our runs on the DREADMILL separately!

My advice for anyone looking for motivation, Sign up for a race!!
Watch out Flying Pig Marathon here WE come!!

Happy RUnning!!


Belly Charms said...

Cold and wind are the worst - really wind. Good job:) I confess that it was very windy today and I wimped out of my run:( Back on in the morning!!

Sheridan Lee said...

Woo Hoo!

abbi said...

Great job! I totally agree - signing up for a race is the best motivation.