Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year & Anniversary to me +12k Christmas Virtual report

HAPPY NEW YEAR bloggy friends:)!!! Today is also my 10th wedding anniversary:)!!! I know every couple is special and has a great story but here's mine. My husband and I started dating when I was a freshman in High School I was 14 and he was 13, it was Jan 1991. I knew from the first date that he was my soul mate and that one day I would be married to him. Life events happen and in 1994 our first daughter was born, 1998 our second daughter was born and Jan 1, 2001 we finally got married.  We just up and decided in the middle of the night to go to Pigeon Forge area of Tennessee and just "do it" and that we did! It snowed and was very beautiful we even ended up staying an extra day! Loved every minute of it!!

Sheri and I signed up for the 12k of Christmas Virtual Race hosted by Kayte of Long Legs on the Loose. Yesterday was the day we did our 7.46mi, the weather would have been perfect if the wind would have stopped blowing! If you haven't seen Kayte's Blog you really should check it out, although I do not personally know her she really seems like a fun awesome person! She said there would be a prize for best costume and I knew my wonderful buddy would want to dress up. Being the awesome person she is, Sheri made us some tutu's and got some new years glasses, headbands and necklaces!

Are we not the cutest

Although we couldn't run in the glasses and headbands(they wouldn't stay on our heads) we did run in our town for everyone to see in our tutu's! We did get a few honks and SEVERAL strange looks & laughs! It was fun and totally out of my element but really fun:)

The night before I went to the gym with the hubs and started running on the "mill", I barely made it 1/2mi and I felt awful, my legs were not feeling right from the knee down which ended up being just my right leg. Knowing we was doing the 12k the next morning I decided not to push my luck and stopped at 2mi and do a little weights for arms and ab work something I NEVER do. I told Sheri when we took off I sure hope I run better today and how my leg was feeling. I tried to just block it out of my mind and focus on just running relax and let go. We mixed our route up a little and went through our local cemetery, strange maybe but it was nice/sad all at the same time. There was a couple of small hills and I noticed my leg feeling weird again but pushed on. Again going back we mixed it up a little and had to go up another hill we weren't experienced on plus low mileage for about 3 weeks we actually walked up about 4mins worth until we came to the light where we would have to stop anyway. Checked the garmin we was at 5.70mi and I told Sheri this has been fun and all but I am really glad we are almost done. Off we went again and we was getting close to being back I look down to check mileage just to make sure we are right on track for distance and still says 5.70 DANG IT I forgot to hit start again oops! Thank goodness there is two of us just in case of failures:) Sheri took a little of a lead ahead of me so I am adding some seconds to make my finishing time 1:13:45 (her watch said 1:13:34) not bad at all and I am very pleased with it! I told my girls I would take them to spend their gift cards from Christmas and the longer the day went on the worse I felt! I had a terrible headache and sore throat (guessing from the awful wind) and my body ached from head to toe! I then remembered going to the gym and realized I was sore from that and that is probably why my body was so achy! Today I feel better except for the terrible sore throat sure hope that goes away fast. Now I also realize places I need to focus more on at the gym but more on that later!

THANK YOU SO MUCH KATYE for hosting the 12k of Christmas!! I had so much fun doing it and really hope we win a costume prize:) And THANK YOU Sheri for doing this race with me and getting our costumes together. Oh and for the pics.....I did have my camera in my purse oops!


Liz said...

so cute! i did the virtual 12k too, but i didn't look anywhere as festive! :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I love your themed outfits!! Tu-tu POWeR!!

Cynthia O'H said...

Love your outfits. I'm sure everyone honking at you appreciated your enthusiasm!
Happy anniversary.

H Love said...

looks like fun!

misszippy said...

Looks like you made the most of it! Great job.

Karen said...

Congrats on your anniversary and your race!! :0) Love the tutus!