Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I want from 2011

So what do I look forward to in 2011?

I believe my main goal is to improve myself as a "runner".

2010 was a great year for me in running. *I planned on one half marathon and ended up doing two*I ran in weather conditions I never dreamed I would(and enjoyed them all:)*Found the greatest running buddy and Best Friend anyone could ask for*Was the only person out of several to complete ALL of the Serres races*Made several new friends at local races*Had my first minor injury during a race*Completed 674.61 miles (oops I quit updating my ticker)*(I know there is more but I just can't think right now ugghh this stupid cold!)

As of now I have already signed up for 4 races for 2011! And I consider 2 of them major events!!
#1 Heart Glove & Sole 5k   February 12
#2 Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon April 3
#3 Flying Pig Marathon May 1
#4 Bourbon Chase (200mile overnight Relay) October 7& 8
Oh and I am going to sign up for Tall Mom 1000 +++ so I guess I am setting a goal of 1000 in 2011

Can you guess which ones I consider major??  #'s 3 & 4

Yep that is correct, I (we) have officially signed up for my first Full Marathon!!! ~YIKES!!!~

So right now my main goal for 2011 is DISTANCE! Although I LOVE to PR, I mean who doesn't, I really believe I will NOT be searching for any PR's in 2011. All I want at this moment is to be able to run a entire half without walking and hopefully a Full (but I am sure I will be walking in that I just want to be able to finish it:)!!

I know there are more goals I have but this crazy cold is keeping me from thinking , good excuse anyway right?

Hope your 2011 is off and "running" to a GREAT start!


Rae said...

Yay for signing up for your first Marathon!

Lesley @ said...

YEAH for Marathon #1!!!

Lindsay said...

Good for you! And hey, you'll get a PR at the marathon! ;)