Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 Things Thursday- Cold but No Snow

It has been a while since I have done 3 things Thursday.....................

1. While a lot of states received snow, ice or a blizzard the great state of Kentucky received rain, COLD RAIN. Our local weather man said if it would have been in snow we would have received about a foot of snow~that's my kind of snow! Around here 3inches is a lot to people but not me.

2. Monday the hubs went skiing so I chose not to run plus is was raining. Tuesday I was just plan lazy so yesterday was my first running day. Unfortunately the wind arrived and it was cold like  25* and 58mph wind so I decided I would go to the ugghh dreadmill at the gym with the hubs, since I have paid for the month of February might as well go right? This was my first treadmill run of 2011!!

3. Way back in November 2010 (that was like ages ago ya know:) I blogged about how I really dislike the stinking treadmill and that I had a goal of getting 4 miles under 40 mins ( I said in a month but hey I have been staying outside in the freezing cold:) You can read all about it HERE. Since this was my first treadmill run in a long time I thought maybe today is the day but I am not going to get my hopes up because it is the first one. So do you think I made it??? SORRY you will have to wait until my marathon training post this weekend to find out but feel free to leave me a comment with your guess might just get you an extra entry in my next giveaway:)


Caroline said...

I say yes....4 miles in 39:40

Caroline said...

pineapple roctane gu..never seen that one before, will look for it! thanks!! and the rude people, well it takes a lot more then that to make me upset now..but if they ever say something rude about my sons now they better watch it !! ha ha!!

Christy Dillman said...

I think you definitely made it! We got the dreaded snow here in Kansas City, MO and kids have been out all week including tomorrow! So I hit the dreaded treadmill myself tonight for 5.14 miles!


Karen said...

I say YES you did it too!! I have faith in you! :0))