Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week #4 Marathon Training- Getting better

Hooray I completed all the runs on the schedule maybe not on the planned days but I got them ALL in! And that really makes me happy:)

Monday- 4.08mi/40:31
Wednesday- 5mi/49:18
Saturday- 4mi/38:52
Sunday- 5mi/50:57  3mi/27:54  8mi total long run

Monday was my daughters birthday and I took the day off work since it is also my husbands day off as well and I knew he would be going to the gym so I could tag along and go run. I was standing in the kitchen waiting for both girls to get ready for school and what do ya know~OUCH!!!!!~my crazy back went out! Just like that! I laid on the floor and had Gerard push on my back like the chiropractor would do, not completely fixed but better so I decided to go on. The first half mile or so was pretty painful but I pushed on going good for a while and slow and painful for a while. Did I make a good decision to go on? No probably not but after the crappy week last week I was determined to go. Wednesday morning started out snowing really heavy but then stopped and all the snow went away from the roads but it became really cold and windy, but guess what we still got out there! Thursday is the day I should have completed the next run but I once again started not feeling good and ended up taking a half day Thursday and all day Friday off of work. Saturday the SUNSHINE came out for the first time in a LONG time so I went out to our local park to do my 4mi. I tried to go slower just so I could enjoy the sun! Sunday was the same SUNSHINE and a little warmer than Saturday. I signed Sheri and I up for the Suck It Up Buttercup Virtual 5k (race report coming up also) so we still needed to complete that. We decided that we would divide our long run up and do it for the last 5k of our run. I think that was a great idea as it made 8mi seem like nothing!!

I still seem to be in the winter funk, I am starting to think it is all in my head that I don't feel good. I am so ready for the sun to shine everyday so then I can complain about how hot it is:)

When you have injuries (like my back hurting) do you push through them or take a day of rest or try to find some other type of exercise that doesn't hurt while doing it?(Please share what that exercise is that doesn't hurt especially your back!!) I am trying to start doing some strength training with weights and such and am looking for some suggestions, any recommendations on some moves that are a must??


Big Daddy Diesel said...

If I am injuried, then I rest

If I have aches and pains, I slow the pace, but push through the discomfort, then, most importantly I recover properly, ex. foam roll, stretch, ice/heat, compression.

Caroline said...

with back like that..if it hirts to just walk..I take a day of rest...stretch and maybe just elliptical but no running

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

GREAT week of running! Doesn't sunshine make a run that much better?! I love me some Vitamin D!

If I'm hurt NOW I listen to my body maybe something low impact--I just don't want to go backwards.

misszippy said...

That's a loaded question! It all depends on whether or not it's just an ache/pain from training, or something that might be getting worse. I usually give it a run or two to figure that out and then back off if necessary. I don't know if you swim, but swimming is often a great way to "uncramp" your tight muscles.

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Back stuff - I take a break and do the icing and what not. When I started to up my mileage and run on trails last year my back started to bother me.

Kirstie said...

I agree with MissZippy. Once you are better, try adding yoga to your workout. This will help with strength and flexibility. Hope you recover quickly.