Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wk #5 Marathon Training- Week of Firsts

Not all first time ever things but firsts in marathon training! This week I did my first dreadmill run of 2011, I forgot my garmin on Friday and we did our first double digit run of 10miles!! In my 3 things Thursday Post HERE I told all about my treadmill run with the question of "do you think I achieved 4mi under 40 mins yet?" So let's see...... here is how my week went.

Wednesday- 4mi/39:40 -Treadmill~HOORAY!!
Thursday- 5mi/50:34
Friday- 4mi/about 40
Sunday- 10mi/1:41 Exactly

OMG!! Caroline from Journey to the Next Half Marathon was the first comment and guessed my time exactly!!! Now I am wondering if she has powers? Her boys better watch out because they won't be able to get anything past her!! HA HA!!! Caroline since you guessed my time exactly I want to send you something:) send me your address so I can put something together for ya!! And there was (including Caroline) only 3 people to guess yes or no so those 3 ( Caroline, Christy and Karen) each get +5 extra entries in my next giveaway, which is coming in the next day or two!!

Back to training now..... So my treadmill run was awesome:) I really didn't think I was going to make the 4 under 40 goal considering my first mile was 10:45(ugghh I really don't like the "mill") I really had to pick it up for the next 2! Thursday's 5mi was okay it was pretty cold starting out but we warmed up. Friday I went to the chiropractor before running and realized I forgot my garmin~darnit!~ but I knew the 4mi route and I just timed myself the good ole fashion way with my regular watch!! Sunday our long run couldn't have been any better!! The sun was shining it was about 37* and we kept a steady pace above our marathon goal pace!!! Even better I was not sore or worn out later in the day:) I did wear my compression socks and am sure that helped.

Also in my Suck it Up Buttercup post HERE I ended with a question that didn't get much response, come on bloggers where are ya? So I am going to end today with the same question

Do you have an "After Race" routine? Or a "Before Race" routine? Do you do the same thing before or after races that you just "HAVE" to do or Do you just take it day by day?

Happy RUnning!!


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

What do I have to do before a race? Or any long run, make a visit to the potty. I'm so afraid to be on the road and get the moment where I go "oh shit" literally. And I try to lay out my clothes and stuff the night before so I am not a chicken with my head cut off the day of.

Pinkhatrunner said...

Before and after a race I have to get pictures. I love going threw all my race pictures and remembering that race. I save all my bib numbers and put the time I finished, date of race and the name of the race that I am running. Plus I never start a race without my viva paper towel to blow my nose. My nose never stops running. You are doing good on your training keep it up. I did my first marathon last Oct. it was an amazing experience Especially crossing the finish line.

Caroline said...

I am an alien from Canada with magic powers!!
congrats on your 4 miles un der 40 min!

before race: a trip to the porta potty somtimes 2 trips

I'm the mom said...

Pre-race pictures some random-some poised, Hugs, Kisses, Love You's and be careful...before the race always..,
Waiting at the finish line to take crossing the finish line pics with more Hugs, Kisses, Good Job Sweetie, listening while you tell me all about the course with so much pride in my Heart! More random pics with and without the rest of my "runner daughters"..Awards - Then the traditional Cracker Barrel breakfast! Love you my Daughter - the runner!

Marathon Training Schedule said...

Post race: Directly to the massage tent, don't slow down at the finish line sprint all the way to the tent :)

Issaquah Chiropractor said...

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