Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wk #6 Marathon Training- And a Race........

The schedule called for 4,5,4,11 Here is how my week went...................

Tuesday- 5mi/48:09
Friday- 5mi/49:02 Treadmill
Saturday- 3.1/26:57 Race
Sunday- 11mi/1:56:49

So I got the right mileage in just not the right order or the right days and I sure paid for it! Tuesday was a great day it was cool but the sun was out it was so pleasant that's what made me do the extra mile! Wednesday late afternoon we got another snow and it made the roads slick fast I barely made it home without sliding off the road~yikes! Thursday I took a snow day with my girls as I thought it was way too slick to be out, later on in the day the sun came out and melted everything on the roads but I still decided to stay in. Therefore I knew I HAD to run Friday to get some mileage in. It was still cold out and some sidewalks still had snow and ice so I decided to go to the gym. I told myself when I got there I needed to do 5 but 4 is okay when I reached 4 I told myself now just take your time and finish another mile, its just a mile! Saturday I was worried about racing after the treadmill run but I knew I really wanted to give it my all and see what I could do, it was the first race of the year and all.( Read my race recap HERE) I was extremely happy to start the season off with a 26 anything!! Then long run Sunday came along. After the race on Saturday I told Sheri, "I hope you aren't expecting anything spectacular out of me tomorrow, I have a feeling I will be slow!" Thankfully she felt the same way:) We decided to do a different route as the same ole one we always do was starting to get old, we needed new scenery, so we decided to go back to the location of the 15k route and we would add a couple more miles to get in the 11. Only thing about that route is the HILLS and I am not talking one or two the entire route seems to be hill after hill after hill, but since we knew we was going to take it easy it was okay. The weather was again perfect about 40* SUNSHINE and WIND umm not so perfect. After several small and a couple of decent size hills we were coming up to a pretty long steep one, I told Sheri "I think I am walking up that big hill, just so you know" but guess what I DIDN'T :) We just slowed our pace down a little (okay maybe a LOT) and kept on going! We did have to walk just a couple of mins, at one point we was running into wind that seemed so strong that it felt like I was on a treadmill running in place! A good thing about long runs, we ALWAYS plan to eat somewhere when we get done, yep I run to EAT!! So the second half of the long run eating is my motivation to finish:)

I know some of you can do this all the time but for me putting 19miles in 3days is a little much and I was VERY tired (as well as my legs) and I even took about a 2 hour nap Sunday afternoon! Even though I was worn out and tired I know in the end it is ALL going to be worth it:)

Time for the Question of the week. Do you still sign up for Races during Training? I really enjoy races, winning awards or not I just really LOVE the atmosphere, the people and the food (told ya I run to eat:)!!
Do you think it is ok to race 5k's(or any race) while you are training for bigger events (like marathons)?

Here are some pics I took on the long run this week
Sheri soaking up the sun!
Isn't the scenery beautiful?
Not a big one but one of the many hills!
I really don't like this photo I look
like a cow! I was trying to
look tired and worn out!


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

During my training two half marathons fit right into my training schedule so if it fit's into the schedule I don't see why not to do it. Because it breaks up the monotony of training.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Oh I love these pics!! I'm a noob to racing so I haven't raced while training. but, you could recover from a 5k pretty fast.

The FIRST plan I am using discourages racing while training, but to each his/her own!

Enjoy that weather!!!

Tricia said...

great pics

Emz said...

awesome pictures.

oh and
it's all
"fun" runs
inbetween, for me! ;)

Stacey said...

I agree with Emz! The excitement of a race while training always keeps me motivated (: Love the pictures!

Pinkhatrunner said...

When I was training for my first Marathon I did some 5k and 10k. Like EMZ said it breaks the intense of training up. Great wk of training. Keep it up.

Caroline said...

Yes I race during training. It is even on my plan and I love it. For the 1/2 there's 3 races: 5k and 10k and 15k. I will do 2 10k and 1 5k.

One Crazy Penguin said...

Bahaha. I love those pics.

I still sign up for races during training, especially fun or unique races (cave races, theme races, etc). It helps keep things fun and interesting. It also helps break up the monotony of training.

Emily said...

It's funny post with beautiful pictures. The last picture reminds one of my friends who also does that.

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

Love the pics. You dont look like a cow and I say if you want to run a race, or race a race then go for it!! Id just try to schedule it (if possible) so it doesnt interfere with long runs or anything like that.