Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wk#7 Marathon Training-Oops I forgot to Post:(

For what ever reason I have been in a blogging, well really just life in general FUNK. I DO NOT like it and I have been trying to fill myself with postive thoughts and the weather is starting to get better so hopefully I will SNAP OUT of it soon. I also realized that I never posted my training week from last week and tomorrow will be the end of another week so I guess I better get on with it.

Here is how week 7 went for me:
Tuesday- 4mi/37:50
Wednesday- 4mi/38:24
Thursday- 6mi/56:39
Saturday- 3mi/about 28:15   9mi/1:36:09   for a total of 12mi Long Run

This week was full of WIND. I really do not like running in the wind, I know though who does?? The extra effort it takes really wipes me out and I have noticed that my shins seem to hurt when its windy. Not sure that the two are related but just weird! Due to Sheri doing Boot Camp 3 days a week just about the only runs we have been doing together is Long Run, I really don't enjoy running alone after having a buddy by my side for so long now but its been okay. My legs also seemed to have a hard time recovering after last weeks 11mi. I really had to push myself this week and was really happy with all of my times considering the way my legs felt. Thursdays 6mi we did run together and I was VERY thankful since I have had to push this week!

We also did another race and divided our long run up. (Read my race report HERE) I forgot to stop my garmin at the end of the race and still haven't seen my official finish time but I know it was a 28 something! While we was still at the race we was deciding where we should finish the rest of our 9mi and decided we would have my mom drop us off at Perryville a little town that was about 9mi to where Sheri's and moms car was parked and we had mom drop us some water at a church that was along the way. OMG was all I was really thinking we are going to run from Perryville to Danville?? after we just finished a race that was nothing but hills! Although both of us had traveled this road several times in our lives it had nevered seemed as hilly as it is running it. The first couple of miles was okay we kept about a 10:30 pace and I started feeling pretty decent about the time we reached our water, which was perfectly placed at 4.5miles~ THANKS MOM:) The next 4.5 miles wasn't so great. Both of us was struggling my left foot and right knee was killing me, Sheri's hamstring was hurting WE WAS READY TO BE DONE!! At about mile 8.5 I truely felt like it didn't matter to me if I walked the last half mile, we didn't walk an entire half mile but we did have several moments of walking during the last 4.5 miles but we still did AWESOME!!

How do you feel about running in the WIND? If it is a cold wind would you rather run on the dreadmill or still Brave the elements? Does a warm extreme windy day take you inside? Just about the only thing that forces me inside now is rain, if possible I will delay my run to another day just to avoid the dreadmill, I just don't enjoy it:)

Mom stopped to take a pic after she dropped us off!


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I hate, hate, hate the wind. Give me rain and no wind any day.

Karen said...

UGH! DISLIKE: WIND! I don't blame you one bit! I hate the wind! lol

Great job on last week's training! :0)

H Love said...

wind is my #1 enemy!

Cynthia O'H said...

I hate the wind - at any time of year. It's really testing my long runs.
I think a lot of us are in a bit of a funk right now. We need spring - and it's just around the corner.

Raegun said...

I'm with you....wind is all kinds of sucky. Way to put in the miles despite the undesirable conditions! I have been in a funk lately too...hoping spring will be here soon!

Crystal said...

dont like the wind at all either! can't believe you ran from Pville to Dville! very cool!

Momma Mel said...

I am currently rearranging a few workouts so I can run outside rather than on the mill. I will brave any element other than ice to run outside as long as I have someone for my boys.
Wind is brutal but it is better than the stuffy air inside.
Great job on your miles!

Caroline said...

I HATE the wind, it is the worst for me. I take hills over wind. the wind and the heat will take me inside...