Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Plain Clothes Runner

*Awesome Products
*Awesome Fabric that everything is made out of
*Awesome Fit
*Awesome Service
*Awesome Prices

What's NOT to LOVE about Plain Clothes Runner products?

There is NOTHING to NOT like about in MY opinion!

Recently I decided to order my hubs a couple of new running shirts ( he needs new stuff too right?) and the FIRST place I consider was Plain Clothes Runner! So I sent the awesome Mike an email to see about ordering some shirts and see if maybe just maybe he had anything he would like me to review~ and what do ya know he sure DID!! I purchased two running shirts for the hubs, red and white, and he LOVES them! The instant I received them he took the red shirt out of the package and put it on! We also ran a 3k recently and of course he went straight for his Plain Clothes Runner white shirt, although I did BEAT him for the first time EVER, he did look great wearing his Plain Clothes Runner shirt!!

A little info on Plain Clothes Runner (from the web site):
*Currently in their 2nd Anniversary of providing quality and value
* "Run wear- Any wear" apparel
*Plain and simple No expensive Coordinates
*No trendy, tight fitting outfits or prolonged preparation. Just casual, comfortable clothing that let’s you get up and go.

Mike was awesome enough to send me(and the hubs) a Rawlings Runner 1/4 Zip Pullover to try out and review. This jacket has been a lifesaver for me the last week, our wonderful Kentucky weather is so up and down right now that I am just cold all the time~ crazy weather! I have worn this jacket for a 8mi, 5mi and my long run of 20mi its not too hot yet keeps me warm enough!! It even has a key pocket that zips and I love the regular pockets they are deep and hold my gloves and hat! And the collar is just enough to keep my neck warm or cooled when unzipped!

Mike also told me that he will be having some NEW Spring/Summer items soon, I can't wait to see them! So if you are looking for some Awesome, New Running clothes be sure to check out
You WON'T be disappointed!!!


Kirstie said...

Sweet! jacket sounds nice!

misszippy said...

Never heard of them, so thanks for sharing!

Sandy said...

I've never heard of them. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely check them out.