Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Run for the Gold 3k & Leprechaun Leap 5k Race Recaps

Yep That's right I did two races this week!! And they were AWESOME races for me:)
First up was the Run for the Gold 3k on Thursday March 17, 11. The age groups for this race goes by 10's, last year I was third but they only gave awards for 1st in each age group, this year the race was a larger and part of another series of races that I don't do and they did the top 3 in age groups but I didn't know that until it was time. I knew with all of the marathon training I have been doing I could do pretty good and hopefully if I am lucky beat the hubs. This race is also know known for having lots and LOTS of kids since it is for a school, and lots of them don't understand the meaning of going to the back if you are slower. This was the worst start of a race I have ever had! Since I am familiar with the course I had thought it out and made a plan in my mind. With all of the dodging and kicking other peoples hills going on at the start I almost forgot my plan. The hubs took off really fast I had a feeling it wasn't going to last since he hasn't ran in for ever. First I found my friend Kelli, we stayed together chatted a little, we got caught up in another slow area on a down hill and split ways and kicked it down the hill to pass them up then we was right behind the hubs! I told him as we was passing" you are about to get chick'd" I don't really think at this point that he thought I WAS going to beat him! The three of us stayed together and we made the final turn to the finish, Kelli looked at me and said" this is it Bobbie" and it clicked, my brain instantly absorbed what she said  and I told myself "you know what, this IS IT!" And I took off!

I am on the left w/braids Kelli is in the grey shirt w/shorts and the hubs is in the back behind Kelli in the white shirt and shorts

 My taking off couldn't have been any better if I had "planned" it:) I went by my mom and daughter so fast they didn't even see me, they had to look at the picture above to prove it was me!
And GUESS WHAT??????

I DID IT!!!!! I beat the hubs and got 1st place out of 120 females in my age group!! 14:36 Needless to say I was thrilled!

Next up was Saturday, March 19, 11 the Leprechaun Leap 5k. I am also familiar with course and really do NOT like it and I had to run 19miles the very next day, SO I decided I was not going to run it hard and just see what happens. None of my running buddies was planning on being there but I knew I would see people there. When I first got there I knew a couple of the race volunteers and asked how many was pre registered, he told me around 125 and it was a beautiful day so I had a feeling there would be more. I really don't want to get caught up in the "racing" of it. Once again since I knew the course I planned it out slow and steady wins the race, right??? There are 3 pretty good size hills the first one I took ok, the second one I walked about 10seconds and the third one I again walked about 20 - 30 seconds. As I was approaching the third hill I heard two guys coming up, I let them pass me while I walked then I got behind them and let them pace me through the last 1/2mile, once we made a turn to finish downhill I knew it was my time to pass them up again. Then in the final turn I heard them say to each other its just around the corner and they was taking off and so did I! Only one of them got past me and I got my best time on this course! 27:50

YEP, 1st place in my age group again, 4th female overall and 25th out of 126!! THRILLED WITH MYSELF AGAIN!!! GO ME!


BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

Woohoo! Go you!!! How awesome!!! Congrats on both races!

LauraElaine said...

Way to go girl!!! That is awesome!

Mike said...

Way to go. Nice medal.