Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wk #10 Marathon Training- 1.13 miles Short......oops

Here's how my week went down:

Tuesday- 8mi/1:18:57
Friday- 7mi/1:04:22
Saturday- 1.87mi/15:56
Sunday- 17mi/2:56:50

The schedule said 5, 8, 5, 17 miles. As you can see above that is NOT how my week went. WHY?? Why can't I just keep on top of this schedule and get the runs done right~ UGGHHH!

But anyway....We decided to go ahead and run the 8miles on Tuesday since that was the only day during the week that we could run together and it was the only day not calling for rain. Our legs were still a little tender from Sundays long run but all in all it was a pretty good run. When we reached the 4mi turn around point we stopped for a moment off we went and umm what, what was that I just felt, yep Sheri felt it also....Rain drops! What happen to the <5% chance of rain GOOD thing it was only a few drops and poof no more~HOORAY!!! The Bad part was I totally stressed by right knee when I felt those few drops and was a little uncomfortable for a couple of miles. Wednesday was a great day for running but my legs were extremely tired as  well as the rest of my body so I chose not to run. Thursday I took my clothes to be able to run after work and warm clothes as it was cold, windy and what not again RAINING! Darn it! I could go to the gym for the treadmill but ugghh I don't want to, so I skipped out. By Friday I knew the week was coming to an end so I decided after work I WILL run 5mi but if I am feeling good I will just go as far as I feel like going to make up some of the other 5mi I was still missing. My 5mi turned into 7mi and it was a GREAT 7mi! The weather was perfect and since I hadn't run for two days I was feeling pretty fresh I ended up with a pace of 9:11~ WOW that is awesome for me:) Saturday was only 1.87mi ~ Why only 1.87 well it was a 3k race and I am working on the race report so that's all I am saying about it here~ Read my report coming up:)

Sunday long run day 17mi = WOW that is about all I can say (well not really) When I first woke up I was really really close to texting Sheri and saying "sorry I don't think I am coming maybe later"  my stomach was terrible and I was worried BUT I didn't and went on. Sheri always breaks the long runs down in her mind and I too have started looking at them the same way it really helps to complete them. Sunday we broke it down into 4.25mi sections, that is when we GU'd up and drank some water. This was the first day that the sun was out the entire run, it was nice and we even got sunburn on our face! The first two sections were great, not as fast as we have been doing on the long runs but only by about 15 - 20 seconds. Then we started off the the third section~ about 2mi into it both of us was feeling tired and ready for it to be over and we stopped for a brief break. Finally in the final 4.25mi section again about 2mi into it we was passing a  small church that was letting out and several of the cars had already passed us, we were over as far as we could single file on the side of the road when we could hear a vehicle behind us. No cars was coming in the other lane and the was plenty of room but this stupid ***** stayed behind us revving her engine until she finally zoomed past us! Being that I work at the DMV I got the license plate number!! Since it is against the privacy law to give out address I told Sheri I think we should write a note and tape it to the front door of the church??  ANY THOUGHTS??


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Lindsay Mast said...

No thoughts on what to do about the driver; they're just jerks sometimes. I try to run really defensively and I don't use earphones because I just know that no one is looking for me, much less looking OUT for me.

But I read in a past post about your stomach issues when you run so I wanted to share how I deal with the same thing (I've been majorly sidelined during a race before because of it). Anyway, if it's under an hour before a long run or race, or during a long run/race, I take one imodium before anything that goes in my mouth. I tape an Imodium to each gel so that it's handy when it's time to fuel up, and I carry a little baggie of extras incase I drop one (I'm clumsy like that). It's worked beautifully since I started doing it.

Sounds like your training is going great!