Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wk #9 Marathon Training- Oh the Pain:( and We are Half way There!

First things first......Sorry I have been a bad blogger it just seems like I am always behind! Oh and don't forget my GIVEAWAY HERE the last day to enter is Friday!!!

Okay now here is how my week went:

Tuesday- 4mi/36:41
Wednesday- 7mi/1:11:23
Thursday- 4mi/42:11
Sunday- 16mi/2:41:37

Last week on our long run of 14mi my right well I am going to be honest both of my feet and heels were killing me for about the last couple of miles. By the last mile my left foot felt like phooey. I was worried, I don't have time for an injury right now. Tuesday I told myself I was going to take it easy just complete the miles don't worry about the time. So I only checked the garmin for the distance when I decided to look at the time I already knew there was only a half mile left and WOW was I surprised I was actually fast and that night my right leg started hurting. Wednesday Sheri and I was running together so I was worried my leg would be awful and hold her back, I really didn't even want to tell her about it but I did. At first it wasn't too bad but by about 2.5mi it was feeling worse Sheri asked me if I wanted to go on back but I kept on going I really slowed down in the last mile or so but I finished it! Thursday I was by myself and once again I told myself take it easy just run. I felt the pain straight from the beginning but it wasn't unbearable and I was able to keep about a 9:45 pace umm well until about mile 3. Dang IT, it is HURTING finally I just decided to walk the last half mile as you can see from my time above not the greatest. What the heck am I going to do, I am suppose to run 16mi on Saturday?? I took it as easy as I could Friday and the weather forecast for Saturday was 100% chance of rain! Yay for me we got to delay our long run until Sunday which gave my leg another day of rest:) I went and got some new shoes Saturday night (although I really wanted to order some online I NEEDED them NOW!!!!) Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11 at this point I was willing to try anything. Let me just say the 16 miles was FABULOUS!! Yes my feet got tired and my heels was somewhat sore but my leg did NOT hurt at all!! And we kept a pace around 10:06 which has us WAY above our Marathon finishing goal time.

At this point we are 8 weeks away from completing our first ever marathon! My mental thoughts at this point are GREAT I know in my mind I CAN and WILL do this and hopefully be able to run the entire thing. I know it is NOT going to be easy and that it is not only a mental challenge but also a physical challenge that even though I have aches and pains while training for I wouldn't want it any other way!

Question of the week time.....What kind of mental thoughts did You have while training for your "first ever" event? (Marathon, Half Marathon, 5k etc..) Do you let the "mental" game get the best of you or how do you push on through it?


BigHappyFamily said...

I love to finish "bad runs" ... I feel like it is practicing perseverance and the mental game of running. I just ran my first half marathon. I didn't feel great, and I was glad I had the practice of struggling through long runs with aches or other problems in my training.

Life as a Convert (Khourt) said...

I love the comment above about finishing "bad runs" Im guilty sometimes of planning a certain amount of miles then suddenly dropping it down once I get started because its a "bad" run.. I need to start working on that more!

Karen said...

Mental thoughts..."I'll never do this!" I just had to refocus and remember that I worked hard, I trained, and I could do it! :0) Sorry about your foot on the 14 mile run!