Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wk#11 Marathon Training- 2races+5days in a row=Not a good Long Run

I have SO GOT to space out my runs from this point on 37miles in 5days (in a row) has got me so physically tired I feel like I can not move any part of my body.

Here's how it went:
Wednesday- 8mi/1:15:56
Thursday- 2mi/16:46
Friday- 5mi/48:05
Saturday- 3.1mi/27:50
Sunday- 19mi/ 10:30pace Not sure of time my Garmin crapped out just like I did!

Other than running 5days in a row, I actually had some good runs this week until the long run. Wednesday I was ready for 8mi and felt great. My legs were still a little tender but I was still able to maintain a great pace. Thursday was a 3k race that you can read about HERE. Friday the hubs said he would run a little with me and wasn't it great that he said to me "please don't go off and leave me!" since he is used to being faster than me but my legs still hadn't quite recovered yet so I was thinking I would be keeping around a 10min pace, it ended up being more around 9:30:) and the hubs bless his heart was feeling it.  He stopped at 3.21mi and I finished out the 5 again with a great pace. Saturday once again was a race and you can read all about it HERE.
Sunday morning I really wasn't ready to go for 19mi. My leg was bothering me and I was tired. On my way to meet Sheri I ran over a squirrel and hit a bird~oh yea this is how my run is going to be. We decided to break it up a little and run 6mi into town and the other 13mi in the country where we do our long runs. The 6mi was great and I was able to keep a 9:45pace. I was dreading the other 13 due to the hills I knew my tired legs and body was not ready for it. I was only able to keep up with Sheri for the first couple of miles and then slowly each mile her lead got bigger and bigger. We would start out together at each GU/water stop but that was it. I just sucked ~in my opinion anyway. Then I realized somewhere along the way my garmin must have lost satellite or something cause I was about a half mile behind yet I ran the same distance as Sheri. Dang it! That just discouraged me even more than I already was. I knew going into it that morning that I WAS going to be slow and that is okay just do what I can and run it how I can is what I told myself. Well I let my mind get the best of me the farther Sheri got ahead of me, I was super proud of her for doing so well and majorly disappointed in myself, why couldn't I keep up? In the last 3mi I walked about 30 seconds and the last mile well I just gave up and walked it. I was mad, mad at myself, my leg hurt, my feet hurt I felt like a big loser. (My garmin did say my pace was 10:30 which really surprised me.) After a couple of days to reflect and think of how I did all of my runs back to back with no rest day its no wonder I was terrible. That's what I am hoping anyway, guess I will find out after next weeks long run!

Also since I have seemed to lost my followers and not get any comments to my weekly questions guess I will skip out on that part this week!

Thanks to all for following my journey!! Happy RUnning!


chris mcpeake said...

great week of running. Getting that long run in the day after a race is tough.

Jane said...

You are a champion!! 2 1st place medals in a week, plus all of that other running. I am still at the stage of imagining that I could do something like that.

19 miles is huge by itself and even more so after the week of running you had - well done for getting up and doing it even though you didn't really feel like it - that is pure dedication. Thanks for the inspiration.

Michelle said...

Taking on a 19 mile run after all the running you did is impressive!

misszippy said...

Wow--that's a LOT of good miles. Give yourself a little rest in there too!